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What’s Your 2020 Vision?

“Reflection is looking back so that the view looking forward is even clearer.” ~ Unknown What’s Your 2020 Vision? There’s less than 20 days left to this decade! Wow! For several years, a simple exercise has helped me to become more successful in my business and to live a more meaningful and intentional life…. I…

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The Subtle Art of GIVING A F*CK!

  Have you wondered why at the end of a busy day you sit alone and consider the question: Where is everybody? Is there anyone in my life that cares about me? Why do I feel so alone? Well, you’re not alone. In my role as coach, I hear this thought over and over every…

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You Can Turn Stress into Success

Can you recall a time when you succeeded at something, when you overcame a challenge against the odds? This could be a time when you surprisingly excelled at something, or won a victory you didn’t expect to win. It could be overcoming your nervousness to stand in front of an audience to give a presentation.…

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DIGITAL AMNESIA TAKEDOWN: 3 Easy Ways To Remember Anything

My friend Anthony Metivier, founder of Magnetic Memory Method and I will be co-facilitating a free webinar on 11th September at 12 noon titled Digital Amnesia Takedown: 3 Easy Ways To Remember Anything. Details below. ‘Digital Amnesia’… Sounds scary, right? Well, some people use even scarier terms, like ‘Digital Dementia’. But Anthony prefers ‘amnesia’ because he’s proven again…

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