Book Josie now for inspiration and empowerment.



Book Josie now for inspiration and empowerment.



For true inspiration hire Josie for your next conference or event. See her showreel, and learn more about her topics.


Corporate Workshops

With a solid track record working in corporate, combined with her neuroscience studies, Josie's workshops are effective and efficient in delivering sustainable cultural behavioural change.

Past Attendees Speak

Understanding how the brain works

My biggest take aways are understanding how the brain works, no 2 brains are the same and the two mindsets. These components alone would be a minimum to provide to my team.

Brenden Goerg

Life changing program. An opportunity to focus totally on me and make positive changes in my life.


I took away a lot from this presentation!

Wow so amazing that Josie has overcome what she has, studied neuroscience and now sharing very very useful tips and scientific facts!! I took away a lot from this presentation! I would love to read the white paper or book.

Women in Leadership Queensland Summit Attendee

A lot of things resonated to me

Such enthusiasm and energy! Loved Josie! A lot of things resonated to me on my first workshop with Josie. Loved the way Josie make things visual which makes things easier to understand.

Lou Harrison

Lots of practical and applicable lessons

Josie is fun, inspirational, knowledgeable and free and open with her advice, guidance and tips to help me live my best life. Josie makes a few hours flash by in an instant and I am taking away with me today lots of practical and applicable lessons to help me get what I really want in my life.

Clare Driver

A wide range of tools

Josie, thank you. You have done a wonderful job by summarising a wide range of tools in ½ a day. It is a great way to look at myself and address areas of improvement.

Sandra Avendano

Gives you a plan to think and act in a structured way

Two days sessions have given me enough ideas to look at the life and work in a different perspective. The thoughts and ideas shared were great. It gives a sense of awareness and more over gives you a plan to think and act in a structured way, especially in your work and professional life. I really appreciate the content of this topics and thank to Josie for explaining to us in an effective manner. Thank you again.

Binu Gopal

Loads of Aha moments

I really enjoyed this workshop. I got great clarity on how the brain works and how to change my thinking. I had loads of Aha moments about why I do some things I do and how to change them. Josie is a wonderful and engaging presenter who presented this topic in a really easy to understand way.

Erica Rowsell

We can’t wait to put it into practice

The Senior Management Team at RSL Queensland were lucky enough to have Josie Thomson present an insightful leadership resilience workshop yesterday. Everyone learned a range of great neuroleadership techniques that we can’t wait to put into practice. A big thanks to Josie for inspiring our team!


What an inspiration you are

Awesome Josie, What an inspiration you are, and I certainly agree with Mikes sentiments.. your teachings are always uppermost in my mind after we started our journey together nearly 17 years ago...Forever grateful.

Ian Kinghorn ... Business Success Coach and Mentor

Very helpful

Methods of communicating the same idea to different people was very helpful.

Luke Ferguson

Start changing your life for the better

Met Josie at a conference, then attended one of her workshops on the weekend. She is all love and light, and amazing to be around. Josie makes her content really easy to understand, and inspires you to move forward and start changing your life for the better.

Nicola Henderson