"It's not what happens to you that defines you, it's how you respond that counts!"

- Josie Thomson

About Josie Thomson

Josie Thomson is a multi-award winning coach, speaker, trainer, business owner, author and single mother of two.

Josie knows what it’s like to face the odds as a two-time cancer survivor and has proven that odds can be beaten. She speaks from first hand experience about bouncing forward with a ‘post-traumatic growth disorder’ and about how to reframe adversity into opportunities for triumph and success.

She is living proof that winning and succeeding in life is a mindset, and she teaches others how to embrace change due to their encounters with life challenges, sometimes in radically positive ways.


An avid learner, Josie has completed masters studies in neuroscience and combines 15 years of corporate experience with almost two decades of coaching to corporate executives, entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Josie was awarded the International Gold Stevie Award for Maverick of the Year (Difference Maker) for 2014 and AsiaPacific in 2015; The Women in Business Coach/Mentor of the Year 2014 Silver Award in New York City, and AsiaPacific in Shanghai for 2015; and she’s a former Telstra Business Woman of the Year finalist.

She is also Ambassador for Childhood Cancer Support and GreenX7. Josie commits herself to transforming and improving the lives of others.


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I found Josie to be that special person

I was fortunate to meet and be personally coached by Josie Thomson from Brisbane when I first arrived in Australia from New Zealand over a decade ago. At that time I was at the "cross roads " in my life and needed someone to be able to talk to and share my innermost thoughts with, and I found Josie to be that special person. Because of the value she added to my life at that time, I have always had a keen interest in Coaching, and decided in 2015 to throw caution to the wind and set up my own business.

Ian Kinghorn ... Business Success Coach and Mentor

Understanding how the brain works

My biggest take aways are understanding how the brain works, no 2 brains are the same and the two mindsets. These components alone would be a minimum to provide to my team.

Brenden Goerg


Josie Thomson was recently engaged by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to speak at a special alumni function hosted by the Science and Engineering faculty. The topic of her talk was “Brain science for leaders” and from the outset she had the audience interested and engaged.

It is quite clear when you hear Josie speak why she has is a multi-award winning business coach and presenter. She is without doubt one of the most engaging and interesting speakers that I have had the privilege to listen to. When Josie speaks people want to listen. Everyone comes away a little wiser and with an appreciation of how powerful the field of brain science is. Josie’s presentation was insightful and it became apparent that with a greater understanding of how the brain works that we can all be better leaders, colleagues and family members.

I would strongly recommend Josie Thomson as a guest speaker and presenter for any corporate event. She is truly “like no other”.

Elisa Gambaro ... Industry and Alumni Engagement Officer, QUT

Giving Back

As an Ambassador for Childhood Cancer Support (CCS), $5 from each sale of the Enliven-U book will be donated to ccs.org.au. CCS is a not-for-profit organisation that helps children with cancer and leukaemia, and their families.

This book of inspirations is filled with messages I've personally written from my own experiences in life. I reflect on topics such as life lessons, conquering fear, mindset, resilience and much much more.

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Complete this sentence: If I weren’t afraid I would....
May there be peace, harmony, love and unity between us all. Jx
Thankful Thursday
Life happens. We get hurt. These hurts become wounds from which we create layers of ‘protection’ to shield ourselves from further hurt. But have you ever stopped to consider whether these layers of protection actually really work?
I’m grateful to have learned that there comes a time in life that we can decide whether or not to act from our ‘wounds.' 

Sometimes, the decision not to act from the wound becomes it’s healing.
I’ve purposely grown through my own experiences. I’ve questioned my reactions and I’m still growing through them, just like all of us. 
So often we become experts in things we never wanted to know about. 
The reality is, things have happened to me, and I never wanted to have to go through the pain and devastation that’s brought me here today. And yet, the reality is, I did go through it, and we are here. 
So how can we move forward with more love than pain? 
And that is what ‘walking through the Valley’ means. 
This reminds me of how precious life really is. In recent times, I’ve been asking myself:  what has death taught me? How can it help me show up more today? 
I’ve learned that grief changes us. 
When we go through that ‘dark night’ we come out with a new perspective. 
What’s helped me to fully walk through my ‘dark night’ without judging the journey is to finally accept that there’s no expediting grief. You can’t rush it. Haven’t we tried?! There’s no cure. There’s no shortcut. 
The grieving process is a natural, organic experience of life and it does serve a purpose. 
Healing begins with healing our thoughts. Everything begins with a thought. We can’t change what happened. Our thoughts are not bringing our loved ones back. That’s beyond our power. 

We can’t change what happened but we can change our response to what happened. We can change our thoughts. 
When we change the way we experience life, and even the way we continue to heal from grief and trauma, it’s interesting to notice our patterns. 
I ask myself: Are my thoughts moving me towards healing, or are they keeping me stuck? 
Think about how we say things like: I’m never going to heal; I’m never going to be happy again; I’m never going to live again. Those thoughts don’t help the healing process. Our pain stops us from seeing ahead to what’s possible. 

Something that’s helped me in these situations is changing my inner narrative and saying to myself: ‘I’m open to being happy again. I can’t see it. I don’t know how it’s even possible, but I’m open to the possibility.’ 
This has meant me focusing on removing those words like ‘never’ or ‘I’m always going to be in my pain’ or ‘I’m never going to be happy again.’  
I focus on finding some curiosity which allows me to open my mind and my heart to expanded possibilities.
I have hope for me and  I have hope for you. We're learning together, we're growing together, and I hope this post helps you find some healing. With love from my healing heart to yours, Jx
You may not be able control all the things people say and do to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.