"It's not what happens to you that defines you, it's how you respond that counts!"

- Josie Thomson

About Josie Thomson

Josie Thomson is a multi-award winning coach, speaker, trainer, business owner, author and single mother of two.

Josie knows what it’s like to face the odds as a two-time cancer survivor and has proven that odds can be beaten. She speaks from first hand experience about bouncing forward with a ‘post-traumatic growth disorder’ and about how to reframe adversity into opportunities for triumph and success.

She is living proof that winning and succeeding in life is a mindset, and she teaches others how to embrace change due to their encounters with life challenges, sometimes in radically positive ways.


An avid learner, Josie has completed masters studies in neuroscience and combines 15 years of corporate experience with almost two decades of coaching to corporate executives, entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Josie was awarded the International Gold Stevie Award for Maverick of the Year (Difference Maker) for 2014 and AsiaPacific in 2015; The Women in Business Coach/Mentor of the Year 2014 Silver Award in New York City, and AsiaPacific in Shanghai for 2015; and she’s a former Telstra Business Woman of the Year finalist.

She is also Ambassador for Childhood Cancer Support and Veterans 4 Youth. Josie commits herself to transforming and improving the lives of others.


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Josie Thomson is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Her generosity shows no bounds, her capacity to love and inspire stretches as far as the moon, and her calling as a coach is inspiration itself!

Josie taught me to shine the spotlight on myself and truly see my unique gifts! The only problem now is I am unstoppable!

I can’t prove it – but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion Josie is an angel in disguise! Let me know if you think I’m right!

Julie Woods ... That Blind Woman, NZ

Life changing program. An opportunity to focus totally on me and make positive changes in my life.


You are a real source of inspiration

Thank you for helping me define my values and find my voice again. It has been an epic year both professionally and personally and without your counsel, guidance, wisdom, kindness, support and spirit, I am not so sure I would be standing tall and proud today!

You are a real source of inspiration and I am most grateful for the impact you have had on making my life a better one.

Lisa Kendall ... National Administration Manager, Corrs Chambers Westgarth

Giving Back

As an Ambassador for Childhood Cancer Support (CCS), Josie donates $5 from each sale of her Inspirational Fridge Magnet Product.

“It’s an honour to be an Ambassador and advocate for Childhood Cancer Support. The children have fierce spirit and will against their battle with disease, they light up the world with their smiles and truly appreciate the gift of life.”

Giving Back


As an Ambassador for Childhood Cancer Support (CCS), Josie donates $5 from each sale of her Inspirational Fridge Magnet Product.

“It’s an honour to be an Ambassador and advocate for Childhood Cancer Support. The children have fierce spirit and will against their battle with disease, they light up the world with their smiles and truly appreciate the gift of life.”

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Exciting news!!! Not long until the launch of my new book "The Wise Advocate - The Inner Voice of Strategic Leadership" and already 1-800-CEO-READ named The Wise Advocate one of their books to watch for January 2019. 
Happy Start of The Festive Season!

How's your year been for you? This is the part of the year that I make some time for quiet reflection on the year - what has been, what worked, what needs to be done differently.

It's also important for me to 'tune in' and get a solid sense about whether I'm enJOYing what I'm doing, and what I want to be doing more of in the following year.

As I get ready to close out on 2018, I acknowledge some wonderful highs:
- Keynote speaker at the world's largest Happiness Conference (after the Dalai Lama!)
- The launch of my new revamped website: josiethomson.com
- The launch of my online learning platform
- The launch of my membership group - Coffee, Tea & Josie
- Certified training in handling complex trauma, grief and loss
- The launch of quarterly public workshops in Brisbane
- The launch of regular free webinar education sessions
- Regular segment on Channel 7's The House of Wellness
- Finalisation of my new book: The Wise Advocate - due for publication by Columbia University Press on 29 January, 2019
- My daughter turned 21yo and graduates with a double degree in Science & Business
- My son successfully completes first year engineering at QUT
- Addition of two new team members to JosieThomson HQ - big warm welcome to Rachael and Harrison
- MY autobiography is in full flow... watch this space...

Equally, there have been some low points:
- Six close members of my inner circle passed away
- Significant disruption in my business with new people and IT platforms to navigate
- Family illnesses requiring significant care and attention
- Full recovery from last surgery end 2017 proving slow and complex
- The departure of two significant friends from my life

This year has seen its share of highs and lows, and I can't help feeling soooo incredibly grateful for my life, and for YOU being part of my journey.

I want to take this opportunity to open my heart to you and acknowledge the difference you make to my world by supporting and championing my work. Thank you for being you too. I am here to be of greatest positive service to you and I wish to make a positive contribution to the world in whatever shape and way I can. You help me do this by sharing my posts and messages, by having me present my workshops in your organisation or to your groups, by attending my events, by commenting your thoughts, by making suggestions, by having me speak at conferences, by recommending me to others.... for all this and more, from my heart to yours, I THANK YOU.

Thank you sharing a few moments of your time with me!
It’s a real privilege. One that I truly treasure.
I look forward to connecting with you again in 2019.
With love and blessings for the festive season,
Josie x

PS: I’m away now on an adventure and total digital detox through Mexico & Guatemala. I will be back on deck around 24 January, 2018. If you have an urgent enquiry please contact my trusted EA Liv@josiethomson.com
From my heart to yours I extend warmth and love to wish you a most Happy New Year.
I wish you 12 months of good health, 52 weeks of joy, 365 days of passion and fun, 8,760 hours of love, 525,600 minutes of abundance, and 31,536,000 seconds of happiness.

And wishing the world a time of peace, loving kindness and good will to all people.

Nothing we obtain or acquire can make us more of who we really are.
And that which is most valuable can never be taken away.

The past is a gone.
The future is a dream.
We just have this moment. Make it count and give thanks.
May you enjoy that which is timeless and eternal this holiday season!
Blessings, Josie
If you get tired, learn to rest, not quit. Jx

#josiethomson #resilience #change #mindset #YouCanShine #ThinkBetter #LiveBetter 
If it doesn't open, it's not your door. Jx

#josiethomson #resilience #change #mindset #YouCanShine #ThinkBetter #LiveBetter