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The Wise Advocate Book

The Wise Advocate: The Inner Voice of Strategic Leadership

Leadership is the habit of making good choices.

Time and time again, even in difficult and uncertain circumstances, the most effective leaders focus their attention and overcome entrenched patterns of behaviour to push an organisation to new heights of success.

This capability is no fluke: the latest research on the brain shows that we can pinpoint the mental activity associated with it—and cultivate it for our benefit.

Josie has been collaborating with research psychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz, and strategy expert Art Kleiner since 2012. In this book, they give a transformative explanation of how cutting-edge neuroscience can help business leaders set a course toward better management. Providing a powerful guide to decision-making strategies and their consequences, The Wise Advocate helps managers find their own inner voice and then make that voice ring out loud and clear, with a four-step program for practice and catalytic implications for management strategy, executive education, and business results. The book, due for publication soon, has been nominated for the 800-CEO-READ Book Award by Columbia University Press. The 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards exist to recognise the best books in the business genre every year, and all the people who help bring them to life.