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Get three of Josie’s most popular presentations to download and watch in the comfort of your home or office for one low price. Titles include:

  • The Neuroscience of Resilience (1 hour presentation)
  • The Neuroscience of Effective Change Management (2 hour presentation)
  • You Are Not Your Brain (2.5 hour Live Workshop)


Video 1: The Neuroscience of Resilience

One hour presentation filmed live at the ANZIIF Women Succeeding in Business Event.
Learn about the brain to understand how to become more resilient, so that you are the creator of your experiences not simply a victim of circumstance. Combining her personal experience, passion for enhancing human performance and studies in the Neuroscience of Leadership, Josie shares exciting scientific advances in the field of resilience which will provide you with the answers and the tools to increase your own resilience and effectiveness in fostering resilience in others.
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Video 2: The Neuroscience of Effective Change Management

In this highly interactive and engaging session, you will learn how to engender greater buy-in and engagement, which will improve the uptake of new skills and improved change practices.
2.5 hour presentation, filmed at Australian Institute of Management Event.
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Video 3: You Are Not Your Brain

Take back control of your brain!
2.5 hour workshop with Josie Thomson & Dr Jeffrey M. Schwartz filmed at the Mind & Its Potential Conference.
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