Meet Team Josie


Shane Appleby
Creative and Production Manager

Shane Appleby joins team Josie with over 20 years experience in the Technology and Entertainment industries. Shane enjoys finding more creative ways to streamline workflows in order to spend more time working on projects he is passionate about. Shane's professional goal is to entertain and educate through inspiring stories and Josie's work gives him plenty of scope to support this passion through solid structure, intelligent design and creativity.




Terri Cook

For the Last 14 years Terri has been working with and mentoring clients across the globe in the areas of business tactics and growth, money management, leadership guidance and personal empowerment. Just like Josie, Terri is a graduate of the Neuroleadership Group (formerly known as Results Coaching Systems).

With 3 degrees under her belt including arts, teaching and psychology she works with our clients in creating a lifestyle that truly reflects who you are as a person. She also encourages you to take time out to celebrate even the small successes, to treat yourself and to truly enjoy life.


Jennie Gorman

Jennie is a mother, grandmother and successful business woman who loves life and coaching business owners.

Known as ‘the people connector’ her greatest passion is to help and support people to understand the power and benefits of relationship building. Jennie is a coach, mentor, and speaker in both business and personal development. Jennie has a Diploma in International Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring.


Judy Williams 

Judy Williams has worked closely with Josie since they both graduated from formal coach training in 2001. Judy has a Post Graduate Certificate in the Neuroscience of Leadership and Executive Masters of Neuroleadership. Judy is a Master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and uses her extensive coaching, neuroscience and NLP skills to assist clients to achieve success. 

As a coach, Judy works with clients from business owners, senior and middle level managers, individuals and students.  She is accredited in My Brain Solutions Leadership Assessment (MBSLA) Program and SEI Emotional Intelligence assessment.


Strategic Partners


Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz

As one of the world’s leading experts in neuroplasticity and the co-founder of the NeuroLeadership field, Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz is a sought after speaker, best selling author, advisor to the film industry and consultant to organizations. He is the best selling author of 'Brain Lock', The Mind & The Brain and his latest - 'You Are Not Your Brain: The 4 Step Solution'.  Dr Schwartz paryners with Josie each year to deliver a global web-based masterclass series designed to teach people how to harness the full potential of their brain to transform thinking, end unhealthy habits, and take control of their life.

Dr Schwartz has also partnered with Josie in delivering keynote presentations across the globe at major conferences, including a number of tailored in-house corporate workshops relating to the neuroscience of leading and navigating change effectively. One of their most sought after workplace programs is Mindfulness, The Brain and Business.


Vashti Whitfield 

For the past 13 years, Vashti Whitfield has been working as a specialist in harnessing human potential. She has coached, facilitated and consulted with organisations, businesses and professionals across the globe. Vashti has also designed and delivered multiple in-house coaching programs and assisted a diverse array of organisations in adopting a coaching culture.

Vashti has coached energetically and extensively at executive and senior management levels, and with a remarkable client base from celebrities to CEOs, working collaboratively to hone their capacity to create a life and legacy aligned with their true potential. Described as tough but soundly inspiring, Vashti is often matched with high-level candidates for whom support, training and co-creation are paramount to maximising leadership, professional success and personal satisfaction. She is the current resident Life Coach and blogger for Yahoo!7 and a sought-after speaker known for her 'intuitelligence,' wit and engaging speaking style.


Leith James

Leith James is a sound healer and Gong guru. Leith partners with Team Josie in delivering powerful and impactful Gong Sound Meditation experiences as part of Josie’s signature Neuroscience of Resilience workshop and presentations. Gong Sound Meditation is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience aimed at supporting relaxation of body, quieting and calming of mind, and effectively enabling a reprieve from daily stresses and worries.  Benefits support your commitment to providing sustainable safety, health and wellbeing for your workforce as well as adaptively add to bottom line results.

Leith is truly passionate about his craft and Josie has experienced first-hand the significant benefits people gain from Gong Sound Meditation sessions. Corporate Wellness programs and Gong Sound Meditation sessions can be customised and delivered in-house.  Watch a demonstration.


Heather Price

Heather Price, is a Trainer in Shamanic Path and Practice and Wisdom for Wellbeing in Life and Business. She holds a B.SocSci.Couns. is a clinical member of the Queensland Counselling Association (QCA) and the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA). She is also an inspirational speaker and collaborates with Josie to co-facilitate powerful transformative experiences, retreats and workshops in shamanic wisdom for personal and professional development, and holistic wellbeing. Heather brings shamanic perspectives into the corporate world to inspire autonomous leadership, creative team building, psychological flexibility, adaptive resilience, and corporate 'dreaming'.


Daimien Patterson

Daimien Patterson is a man on a mission (or three)! He has a proven track record for leading teams through most adverse extremes - including war. Drawing from his vast experience as a senior ranking officer within the military, and his entrepreneurial prowess, Daimien joins Team Josie with a wealth of knowledge, grit, charisma and tactical insight about leadership.

Daimien is the Founder & Director of Veterans 4 Youth, Founder & President of Military Cadets Inc, and CEO & Founder of Integrity Property Investor Services. Fraught with ‘landmines’ and the many ups and downs which go hand-in-hand with today’s fast-paced unrelenting corporate culture, Josie and Daimien collaborate to deliver new perspectives and thought leadership on what it takes to be a great leader in today’s world, to leaders and business owners across a wide range of industries.