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A lot of people have uphill hopes and downhill habits. Get out of inertia.  Change your thinking. Change your life. Jx
Deep hope is the acceptance of radical uncertainty. Jx
THANKFUL THURSDAY Do you ever get an inkling to call someone from your history to say ‘thank you?’ I did yesterday. Fr F Romanin - he was our local parish priest when I was diagnosed with terminal cancer the first time in 1991. He was also the priest my parents called in to anoint me with ‘final rights’ without my knowing or permission. I wasn’t appreciative at the time, but I wanted to connect with him and thank him for his guidance and loving kindness (and his brother Fr Celso) in my childhood. He is 92yo now and in a Jesuit retirement home. He remembered me and became animated when I mentioned him giving me final rights blessing with holy water in my hospital bed in ICU. His response was ‘well it worked, didn’t it?!!!’ I told him I wasn’t impressed at the time as I thought everyone had given up on me. I believed the anointing of ‘final rights’ was offered when a person is on their death bed and handing their life over to ‘God.’ He clarified this immediately for me and said: ‘no, we offered your illness to him!’ OMG! Those words meant so much to me to hear them. All this time I’ve carried some resentment around my loved ones for believing they’d given up on me when all along the intention of the blessing was not to offer ME up, but to offer THE CANCER up to ‘God’!!!!I’m so so thankful for making that call. I’m so thankful for following my instincts. I’m so thankful Fr Romanin still remembered me. And I’m so thankful he clarified an assumption I’ve been carrying for almost 30 years!!!!! I cried in solitude with relief and deep deep gratitude after that call - for the love and care of my family, this priest and my Creator. My load is lighter. My heart is lighter. And my life feels fuller with a deeper understanding and appreciation that we can offer up our ‘sufferings’ and lighten our burdens... and to clarify assumptions sooner!! Jx
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