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My FREE webinar - Permission to Shine! is on tomorrow.  I hope you can join me.

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In this webinar I will share what the common blocks and challenges are to embracing and expressing yourself fully and freely. Plus, the number one biggest obstacle to overcome that can transform their life forever.

It is on Tuesday, 19th of February from 12.00noon – 12.35pm.

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It is less than one week until I host my FREE webinar - Permission to Shine!

In this webinar you will learn what the common blocks and challenges are to embracing and expressing yourself fully and freely. You will learn the number one biggest obstacle to overcome that can transform your life forever.

Now is the time to block out your diary on Tuesday, 19th of February from 12.00noon – 12.35pm. I look forward to you joining me.

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I hope to see you soon, Josie x
Khalil Gibran, in The Prophet wrote...

"All work is empty save where there is love. And when you work with love you bind yourself to yourself, and to one another, and to God."

Recently, Love has become part of the global dialogue. 

Love for diversity and Love for ALL — regardless of background of origin, faith or beliefs.

But what happens if we were to take it a little further and bring Love into the workplace? 

After all, if Love is such a powerful energy, why is it that our work - where we spend 70% of our waking hours - can be so empty of Love?

That was the question I asked myself in January of 2010. And I know many other people and business are asking the same question.

In typical "Josie" fashion, I love nothing more than bucking the status quo. 

Sure, Valentine’s Day is cute.

But why restrict it to the romantic lovers out there?

What if, it wasn’t just a one day celebration but a week-long one where everyone got a little bit of Love and appreciation… at work?

So I'm running a little experiment to do just that.

It's called: Love Week.

My tribes will take part in anonymous gifting, kindness, and appreciation to one another, and the results. We've been doing this each year since and it's heart warming... almost astonishing.

It got such an unexpected positive response from people looking from the outside-in. And it has now become a 'Josie Thomson' tradition.

But Love Week is more than just having a little fun and games in the workplace.

There’s real, tangible shifts that can happen when you “inject a little Love” in the workplace.

And the science backs this up.

Interestingly enough, it’s not just about receiving appreciation and kindness that elevates our productivity at work… 

It’s also about giving Love.

Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, once shared how work-altruists (those give the most social support to their colleagues) are about 10 times more engaged in their work - therefore more productive - than their work-isolators.

In short, the science is showing that Love really does make a difference. 

Even in the workplace.

Maybe even YOUR workplace.

Or within your team.

Or school.

Or social clubs.

Or communities.

Which is why I want to personally call on all businesses and companies to join us in this tradition, which begins today: Monday, February 11th for an entire week. And note how this will change the company culture in remarkable ways.

Best of all, It’s free, and I’m willing to bet that it will make a profound shift in your company culture.

I hope you'll join in and share your observations with me :-)

"All work is empty save where there is love."

Sending love to all, Jx