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Lighten your load. Burn your bucket lists. Give your stuff away to people who need it. Be here now. Jx
Thankful Thursday
I have sooo much to be thankful for. I was rushed to hospital emergency on Sunday evening with significant physical pain. I was admitted in the early hours of Monday and have had many MRIs and CT scans and blood tests. More scheduled for today, including ultrasounds. 

The hospital is at capacity and the care has been generally wonderful. My GP, healer friends and communities, and the two specialists working with me are so thorough, caring and committed to my full healing. It’s so important to have the right ‘team’ supporting your healing journey. But I’ve learned you’ve got to want to get better, not just desire it - it’s got to be non-negotiable! 

What’s the point of having professional and outward success when you cannot enjoy it?! 

My body is grateful for the rest that is being allowed by being in hospital, and I’ve surrendered to the help to pivot to a new way of being and loving myself! 

It’s been a long journey - one fraught with fierce inner cognitive distortions of non-worthiness. 

I realise now from a clear vision with AA Gabriel this morning that I was Born Worthy! Anything else is a false narrative I made up along the way. 

My body deserves my care, love and attention. It’s the only way Creator can be expressed through me. When I don’t care for my self, I don’t give care, love, gratitude and respect to Creator. 

Life force energy - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being -  is directly impacted by my choices. My health care starts with self care.

I’ve decided to make more conscious and self-loving choices which in turn feeds and fuels all those I interact with, serve and touch. 

I must embody and BE the love and light I wish for others. For me to heal and serve others, it starts with caring for me. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! 

Whilst still in great physical pain, my spirit is fierce and I know I’m in good hands. I allow humility and faithful love to be my contemplation. 

I’ve learned a breakthrough always follows a break down. It’s time to remember my birth right and to burn and shine brightly to make a better life and a better world!!! 🙏💗 Jx
The reality of life speaks to us in silence. So when a problem arises, go withIN. Get very still and quiet about it. Use it as an invitation and opportunity to learn something. Jx
The future is made of this moment. If we take good care of this moment, even if it is very difficult, we are taking good care of the future. Jx