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THANKFUL THURSDAY The older I get, the less emphasis I place on gaining others’ opinions or approval of me. This is so liberating to learn!It’s certainly not been an easy path, but it’s the my heart has lead me back ‘home’ to me.I’ve seen how my truth has brought out the worst in others. My love has tingled what some have numbed. My authenticity has provoked closed minds. My gratitude has irritated trolls. My success has attracted haters. My empowerment has created enemies. My uniqueness has antagonised narcissists. My optimism and hope have provoked resistance to change. My courage has attracted cowards. My joy has exposed inner shit. My compassion has unmasked envy. And Love… thats what its all meant to do. My aliveness has revealed many mental prisons but has helped to set many more minds free.So I choose to plant seeds anyway! Jx 🌱
Thankful ThursdayOne thing that I've learned over recent years is that whilst we have many many thoughts each day, it's what we do with them that counts. Moreso, how we attend to our thoughts. How often do you think about what you're thinking about; or pay attention to what you are paying attention to?This my friends is the key to living life more consciously. It's called mindfulness....not mindfull-ness. We must forge regular pauses in our days and acknowledge the many courageous actions we take in spite of some of the thoughts that creep into our awareness. An insight that has provided me much relief and empowerment is this: thoughts are thoughts - they are not facts. I was so grateful to learn that we have the capacity to observe thoughts rather than absorb them, and to allow them to pass... just like clouds - especially the dark ones 😉. So tune in, redirect your focus, and attend to the thoughts that feel good. Here's to brighter days, Jx
Thankful ThursdayThis time of year is always a time that I reflect - reflect on the year that’s past, the year to come, and what my heart most yearns to create. This enquiry requires me to look honestly at myself and my life, and to dare to declare my deepest truths. It can be hard to be honest with others at times, but it takes deep courage to be totally truthful with yourself.I’ve learned that daring myself to see my truth in all its multidimensional flavours is critical to living my most authentic life. I won’t always see things I like, in fact, some things are bitter sweet - especially when there are challenging emotions to alchemise ie. grief of loss; shame of betrayal; sadness of disappointment; despair of heartbreak… Welcome to life: the path to death. I’ve learned that every day is a step closer to my ultimate death. So every day matters. Every moment matters. Every choice matters. This doesn’t frighten me. This propels me to make the best of this one precious life I’ve been gifted. I see life as a gift - a chance to grow and learn and share and experience all I can, for the betterment of myself and others. I’m so grateful for the many twists and turns of my life - I’ve learned so much! And instead of being bitter about them, I’ve chosen to rise and become a better, stronger and wiser version of myself. There are many deaths we experience along the way ie. the end of a friendship, the end of a job, the end of each day, the end of this moment. And as surely as there are endings, simultaneously, there is a new beginning. This is why I believe it’s so important to fully embrace life. For me, fully embracing life means opening myself up to unimaginable possibilities. It means being vulnerable to unexpected changes, and being compassionate with myself when times get tough. It means giving myself some extra love and kindness no matter what happens, and being grateful for the opportunity to experience it all. This is no mean feat! That’s why I practice what I teach. Everything I teach has been experienced first hand and backed up by my studies in sciences. Fully embracing life means not expecting to always be the perfect person living the perfect life, but instead accepting reality as it is, and accepting myself as I am, and then making the best of it.This takes awareness and a commitment to learning and growth. I don't get it right every time, but what I've noticed is that as I learn and grow, I'm embracing life a little more fully every day. And my heart is filled with gratitude for it all. How about you? What helps you embrace life, and what can get in the way? Jx
Thankful ThursdayToday I’d like to share some of my journaling with you in the hope that as we begin a new year, these words may inspire you and offer some hope for a new day, a new beginning… for you see, dear friend, YOU are the Miracle.For eras humans have looked for solutions outside of themselves for something to make them feel ‘whole.’ We look to others for validation ie. a parent, a partner, a lover, a friend, or an organisation.In modern times, we have been mesmerised and hypnotised by the media, social media, big pharma, the military, industries, and all of their offshoots that we need something outside of us to be complete, whole or healed.Then, when those temporary external fixes fail, we are told that it's our fault that we feel empty, lost or unsatisfied. From there, many people turn to substances, pills, alcohol, sex, food… anything to numb the pain of feeling separate, dislocated, broken or fractured.Somehow, the answer to lack, to separation, to health, to everything - has become: to CONSUME.  Consume a pill for your headache; consume some medicine to make your skin rash go away; consume alcohol to numb out your emotional pain; consume the affection of another to distract feeling empty and lonely; consume food to feel soothed or loved.Real unconditional love, real wholeness, real healing has been replaced with surrogates that never ever deliver more than a momentary flash, a brief glimmer, a small glimpse of the feelings we truly desire; that we long for, that our soul somehow still remembers and yearns to return to. We then label that “unattainable solution” as ‘a miracle.’“We” as a collective, are moving away from that definition of miracle.We are embracing miracles not as divine intervention but as a way of living.The magical, the mystical, the miraculous are not external extraordinary phenomena - they are a part of every day life. They are part of the wholeness that makes us who we are. They are the expression of the network of collective observers that is us.The synchronicities are signs along the way that we are connected to one another and to the Source of all Creation.I love this definition of a miracle from Mary Baker Eddie: “A divinely natural phenomenon experienced humanly as the fulfilment of spiritual law… A natural phenomenon… The fulfilment of spiritual law.”Let these words sink in.Miracles are not external. Miracles are not extraordinary… they are natural and a fulfilment of spiritual law.So today, I invite you to remember that you are that natural phenomenon that is a fulfilment of spiritual law.Will you remember that you need nothing from outside of you to be complete?Will you remember that you are whole and complete exactly as you are?Will you remember that you are the physical embodiment of the Divine?You were created by the Divine to be like the Divine: the Divine who needs nothing: the Divine who is pure energy: the Divine who is everything.Can you remember that YOU are the Miracle you have been looking for?You are beautiful. You are Divine. You are more than enough, and I love you. Thank you for being the Miracle of You in my life. Jx