Create a sustainable lifestyle
Achieve greater fulfilment
Nurture your potential

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'How Resilient Are You?'

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Create a sustainable lifestyle
Achieve greater fulfilment
Nurture your potential

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'How Resilient Are You?'

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Create a sustainable lifestyle: you want it all – a life you fully embrace, live and love. Having overcome my own significant challenges, including cancer, I am committed to your joy, vibrant wellbeing and success. Check out the many ways we can work together to create a sustainable way of living a brighter and happier future. I will show you how to enjoy all aspects of your life. Every day is a new beginning, a second chance. Let’s take that chance and enliven bold steps forward to live a life you truly love.

Achieve greater fulfilment: when you’re doing what you love and enjoying this unpredictably wild ride called ‘life’ all of a sudden your days feel truly lived and enjoyed, not endured. Fulfilment comes from embracing all of life, in all its forms, and living true to your values. Let me show you how.

Nurture your potential:  you have unlimited and untapped potential to nurture. From a platform of a sustainable lifestyle and greater fulfilment being enjoyed, I will give you tools to grow and express your full creative potential. Bring it on!

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Life offers infinite opportunities for you to awaken, to heal, and to let go of what causes suffering. Jx
There comes a time in life that you decide whether or not to act from your 'wounds' and sometimes, the decision not to act from the wound becomes its healing. Jx
The ultimate act of strength is vulnerability. Jx
Thankful Thursday 
As a consequence of what occurred for me recently in hospital, my perception of reality has radically changed. 

I no longer attach to or am beholden by those things I once clung to or felt defied by ie. my name, my reputation, my brand, my achievements and awards, my material possessions, what others think of me, past hurts or mistakes... and the list goes on. 

What I've come to appreciate is when I was facing my final moments of life, what really mattered, I mean, what ONLY mattered were the people I loved with all my heart. 

I did not care about the bills I hadn't paid, or the emails and messages I hadn't attended to, or about the projects I hadn't completed, or the book I hadn't finished writing, or the outstanding commitments I'd made, or money or future plans etc.... 

I recall my son sitting at the edge of my hospital bed, tears streaming down our faces and having the most cathartic conversation. 

We talked about whether I had any regrets; what I was most proud of in my life; and what I hoped my lasting legacy would be. 

I have been given another chance at life. How long is irrelevant. Every moment now is a gift - a blessing I savour and do not take for granted. I'm not going to let a second of that gift of life go to waste. 

My senses are heightened. My awareness and my heart have been burst wide open beyond what I've known. My body is now a very strong integrity meter - I can more readily tune in and feel what feels right.  

And I’ve let go. I'm not afraid of judgments, betrayal, rejection, hurt. I am fearless - I have no insecurities, no worries, no baggage holding me back. It feels like I've crossed over to another life - into equanimity and omnipotence. 

I surrender only to experience... to BE in and with each moment, without any attachment, striving, longing, clinging, wishing, willing, or wanting. 

I know what is important. I’ve handed over to something far greater than me. 

I am nothing – just a vessel for total love and compassion. 

And I am ever thankful for this rebirth. 

Who knows what the future will bring? What I do know is that whilst I take this time to rest, restore and reform during this chrysalis state of consciousness, my wings are strengthening and my light will continue to burn in new and wondrous ways. Jx