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Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Growth is intentional.



Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Growth is intentional.

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Executive Coaching

With a track record that speaks for itself, work with Josie for transformational results. Josie's coaching program consists of 12 sessions conducted either face-to-face or over the telephone/skype.


Keynotes and Workshops

For true inspiration, hire Josie for your next conference or event, or book a corporate workshop where Josie will deliver sustainable cultural behavioural change through a program of your choice.


Online Courses

Ready for a breakthrough? Join Josie online and attend one of her online courses anytime, anywhere from the device of your choice.

Our Clients Speak


They say that ‘happiness is a state of mind’ and it is something that always resonated with me intuitively, but how to enter it - I had no idea.

Through the introduction of a number of tools and techniques, some a bit uncomfortable to use and some a little strange, Josie set me on the path to find and occupy a new state of mind.

It was not an easy journey to commence, and of course it will continue for a lifetime, but Josie has been the most inspirational, informative and supportive guide. She has motivated me to want to be better and has shown me how to be. I am now more forgiving, more compassionate and less judging of myself which allows me to be all of those things towards my children, my partner, my friends and even complete strangers.

The shift has been quite subtle but the results powerful and profound as my life is somehow simpler, richer and happier too. Thank you Josie, you truly are amazing!!

Sam Barrett ... Manager, Operations Quality and Compliance, Q Super Group

Your post and message was truely welcomed

Josie one thinks they are very much alone with these issues but thank-you. My year so far has been one filled with deep sadness and loss, and the serious illness of beloved people. I have had to let go of a massive 50 year hold over me and the grief is overwhelming at times. So your post and message was truely welcomed.

Jean Antill

Found my life purpose

You have had so much loss this year and I feel for you. You've helped me more than you probably realise. I saw you at the end of 2014 shortly before hubby and I made the decision to stop fertility treatment. I gained such clarity from our session. Since then I've grown, come to acceptance and found my life purpose. You've inspired me and I now a beginner coach! Thank you Josie x

Maria Roney
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