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Hope, inspiration and practical strategies for seekers of a better life.

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Half Day Workshops

Break through the barriers that are holding you back from living your best life by attending one of Josie’s quarterly Half Day Workshops. In these live weekend workshops you will learn how to take practical positive action in handling your day to day stresses, and bring balance, wholeness and joy back into your life!


Free Webinars

Is it time to take control of your life and focus on what is truly important to you? The aim of these webinars is to support you to learn how to stop letting any negative aspects of life rob you from living the life you desire and deserve to enjoy.

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Intimate gatherings in beautiful locations to create more joy, positive life changes and magic.



Join Josie at online and live events with other experts where they will discuss topics like finding your own unique voice, authentic intimacy, personal branding, disconnect to reconnect, daring greatly, the meaning of life (and death), and much much more.

Past Attendees Speak

This will be helpful talking and educating team members

Understanding the I want… and I don’t want… and acceptance does not mean you have to ‘like it’ will be helpful talking, educating team members reluctant to change. Using the SCARF model will be helpful too when communicating to the team when tracking jobs or just general discussions.

Jason Kong

Your talk resonated very much

It was a superb presentation. You discussed signposts and indicators and your talk resonated very much. More thank you will ever know.

Belinda-Jane Dolan ... CEO Clariti Group
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