Hope, inspiration and practical strategies for seekers of a better life.

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Half Day Workshops

Break through the barriers that are holding you back from living your best life by attending one of Josie’s quarterly Half Day Workshops. In these live weekend workshops you will learn how to take practical positive action in handling your day to day stresses, and bring balance, wholeness and joy back into your life!


Free Webinars

Is it time to take control of your life and focus on what is truly important to you? The aim of these webinars is to support you to learn how to stop letting any negative aspects of life rob you from living the life you desire and deserve to enjoy.

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Intimate gatherings in beautiful locations to create more joy, positive life changes and magic.



Join Josie at online and live events with other experts where they will discuss topics like finding your own unique voice, authentic intimacy, personal branding, disconnect to reconnect, daring greatly, the meaning of life (and death), and much much more.

Past Attendees Speak

Start changing your life for the better

Met Josie at a conference, then attended one of her workshops on the weekend. She is all love and light, and amazing to be around. Josie makes her content really easy to understand, and inspires you to move forward and start changing your life for the better.

Nicola Henderson

National Conference Success

The wisdom and motivation that has inspired myself and staff this week at the national conference is phenomenal and it is all because of one person; Josie Thomson. Josie is an international speaker & presenter who has won multiple awards for her coaching. Now I know why. Immediately engaging the audience, Josie’s energy, positivity and pivotal advice can and should empower all. Audience members are encouraged to constantly take notes helping them remember what, how and why they will apply this new found knowledge in their life. I listen to and attend countless seminars, but Josie’s surpasses every single one. The positive reaction my staff has had both in their business and personal lives is evidence that this is the most outstanding seminar available. As a team, we all now think better and live better. No matter one’s position, there is always room for mental growth and Josie’s insightful outlook enables you to achieve this mind shift. It will change your life.

Tony Lattouf ... Co-Founder - Hairhouse Warehouse