Simple Meditation For Busy People eBook

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This eBook explains what meditation is and why it is beneficial. It also provides key insights and tips on how you too can still your mind to allow you to successfully experience meditation. Meditation is one of the very best ways to cultivate self-awareness, calm and inner peace, loving kindness, mindfulness, and happiness The practice of meditation helps us reconnect with ourselves and find peace, purpose and meaning. You will gain some valuable, practical tips and strategies on how meditation can positively contribute to your mental health and daily life.



Not only is meditation recognized as a super-effective “brain tool,” many people report amazing positive results using meditation for specific health related problems including ADD, chronic fatigue, traumatic brain injury (TBI), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, depression, the treatment of addictions, and several others. In writing this book, I have drawn on my personal experience of overcoming the frustrations of learning how to meditate and the incredible physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits that I have gained through my own practice of meditation. I know you’ll enjoy it and soon get to experience the wonder of inner peace, contentment and serenity.