The Wise Advocate: The Inner Voice of Strategic Leadership

In this book, research psychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz, strategy expert Art Kleiner, and executive coach Josie Thomson give a transformative explanation of how cutting-edge neuroscience can help business leaders set a course toward better management.

Mapping the functions of a manager onto established patterns of mental activity, they identify crucial brain circuits and their parallels in organisational culture. Strategic leaders, they show, play the role of wise advocates: able to go beyond day-to-day transactional behaviour to a longer-term, broader perspective that articulates their organisation’s deeper purpose. True leaders can play this influencer role in an organisation because they have cultivated similar self-reflective habits in their own minds.

Providing a powerful guide to decision-making strategies and their consequences, The Wise Advocate helps managers find their own inner voice and then make that voice ring out loud and clear, with a four-step program for practice and catalytic implications for management strategy, executive education, and business results.

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