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Here are a host of offerings by Josie Thomson. All can be tailored for online or in person delivery as keynotes, workshops (from 1.5-3 hours), and/or half and full day programs.

Possibility Mindset

In this highly engaging presentation, participants will discover how to overcome resistance and build capacity for out-of-the-box thinking that drives ideas and shakes up existing paradigms for greater performance and results.
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Brain Insights For Effective Change Management

Having a physical science to explain how and why a brain based approach to change leadership actually works can be a significant aide when rolling out wide scale initiatives. In this highly interactive and engaging session, you will learn how to engender greater buy-in and engagement, which will improve the uptake of new skills and improved change practices.
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Wellness, Resilience & Wisdom for Work & Life

Whether it is a critical workplace event or project, dealing with the constant and rapid pace of change, or simply responding to the day-to-day challenging situations that we all encounter, personal resilience is the determining factor in who fails and who succeeds.

Build a resilient workplace by training members in how to cultivate their own and others’ resilience to proactively reduce stress and enhance productivity and wellbeing. When the going gets tough, they'll know how to lead with confidence, clarity and true grit.
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The Stress Detox - Meeting Burnout with Mindfulness

With looming personal and professional responsibilities, different life roles, and only twenty-four hours in a day, it can feel like you're always on the back foot running on empty. Recognizing how we feel is the first step in addressing extreme fatigue or burnout. As humans, we’re programmed to just keep going, and that habit holds strong when working at home, without usual routines to break up the day. Mindfulness allows us to connect with ourselves, so we can recognize our thoughts and feelings head-on in order to address them. Join expert facilitator and resilience coach, Josie Thomson as she provides you with practical tips, tools and strategies for managing stress and burnout with mindfulness practices.

- Discover mindfulness strategies and develop a self-care plan
- Maintain a perfect 'imbalance'
- Honour all parts of yourself and show up authentically

The Neuroscience Of Strategic Leadership

You’ve made your career by calming nerves and putting out fires. You’ve been the anchor in the storm, often the ‘go to’ when others are up and gone. But this? This is something new. This needs a new way of thinking. This needs a new way of thinking about thinking.

Understand the workings of your brain to understand the possibilities of your mind.

In this dynamic training or presentation, Josie Thomson (who has completed masters studies in the Neuroscience of Leadership, and co-authored The Wise Advocate: The Inner Voice of Strategic Leadership), will provide insights about the deeply social nature of the brain which underpins collaborating with and influencing others, as well as the effective functioning of individual leaders and organisations.
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The Neuroscience of Resilience

In this presentation or workshop, participants will learn to master the power of their mind to create quality spaces of calm, clear thinking and perspective which will inform considered decision making and action, and drive excellence in performance outcomes.
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Wisdom & Wellness for the Workplace

Can your workplace be a source of well being and personal growth?

Can you be more effective, AND enjoy better relationships, less stress, better sleep, plus greater satisfaction?

The answer is YES!

Science-based mindfulness, emotional intelligence, compassionate communications, positive psychology and self-directed focus are potent tools toward greater success for both individuals and organisations.

The skills for managing great challenges are learnable, but rarely taught. As a Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator and long-time meditator (amongst other things), Josie explores the fundamentals of these skills and shares supportive and sustainable practices, including creating capacity in your nervous system to be calmer, clearer and more resilient, healthier and adaptive.
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