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Connecting with the Sweetness of Life

Connecting with the sweetness of life

Many of us are so busy building our lives that we forget to enjoy them. We forget why we decided to build them in the first place. We lose connection with the sweetness of life. Disconnection from the sweetness of life causes more pain (and illness) than we realise. So many of us walk into…

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Top 3 Simple Tips to Calm the Nervous System and Ease Physical Pain

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know my history of healing a myriad of health challenges. My latest is tackling a chronic autonomic nervous system disfunction caused by years of ‘running on empty.’  So to support you through the festive season, I’d like to share my top 3 simple tips that have…

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You Have The Power To Shape Your Destiny

In the quiet spaces between heartbeats and the gentle inhales of life, there exists a profound gratitude, a gratitude that stems from within. These past months have been a transformative odyssey, a journey where I’ve rediscovered the art of connecting inward, granting myself the sacred permission to rest, to feel, and most importantly, to heal.…

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Embracing Transformation: A Journey of Healing, Surrender, and Gratitude

In quiet moments of reflection, I find myself diving deep into the essence of life, discovering that the greatest gift I can offer is my inner joy, peace, and healing. Each day becomes a canvas, where I explore the intricate balance of well-being, understanding that my healing journey is not just for me but for…

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