You Have The Power To Shape Your Destiny

In the quiet spaces between heartbeats and the gentle inhales of life, there exists a profound gratitude, a gratitude that stems from within. These past months have been a transformative odyssey, a journey where I’ve rediscovered the art of connecting inward, granting myself the sacred permission to rest, to feel, and most importantly, to heal.

Silence as Self Care

First and foremost, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to each one of you for your unwavering support, for the messages that carried your good intentions for my recovery. Your kindness, your words, they have been a beacon of light guiding me through this healing process. Thank you for honouring my need to retreat, for understanding the silence is a means of self-care.

Watch Your Narratives

In the cocoon of recovery, I’ve witnessed the awe-inspiring miracle that is the human body. Its capacity to heal and recover from trauma is nothing short of miraculous. Amidst the quiet, my mind wove narratives, stories that gave meaning to these experiences. Some narratives nurtured my recovery, while others sought to hinder.

The Power of Choice

I’ve come to understand the power of choice, the significance of consciously selecting the narratives that guide us. For me, it’s a journey toward full recovery, and every thought, every word, every action is aligned with this path. It takes work to maintain and sustain this alignment, and I know I am worth the effort.

My body, in its wisdom, speaks to me in whispers and nudges, alerting me when something doesn’t resonate. Learning to surrender, trust, and honour these signals has been a practice in itself. It’s not always easy, but it’s a choice. We always have a choice in how we respond to life’s circumstances.

The Power to Shape Your Destiny

I’m learning to be my own North Star, recognising that while guidance from others can illuminate our path, the ultimate responsibility lies within. The power to shape our destiny resides in our own hands. Trusting our instincts, honouring what feels right, is a compass guiding us through life’s labyrinth.

Honour The Journey

The urge to respond to your messages, to be present in the way I’ve always been, tugs at my heart. Yet, a deeper need calls – the need to honour my own journey, to heal authentically. In this process, I’ve come to understand that my healing is a gift not only to myself but to all of you. It allows me to serve you as the best version of myself – healthy, happy, and harmonised.

Gratitude has become my guiding star, shaping my focus toward beauty, appreciation, creativity, and expansion. It is this gratitude that fuels my words, my wisdom, which I wholeheartedly share with you. I hope they find a place in your hearts, supporting you in your unique journey.

Once again, I am profoundly grateful for you, for your presence in my life. You are the reason my heart beats with purpose, the reason I breathe to serve. As a token of this gratitude, I send you a great big thankful hug.

Your Turn

So now I turn to you: what are you grateful for in your life right now? What difference can tuning into gratitude make as part of a daily practice?

With all my love,







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