I Care. You Matter. Gift Pack

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This personally hand picked selection of Josie’s most popular and effective products have been packaged together just for you.

Pack includes:

  • 1 x Enliven-U : Josie's little book of inspirations
  • 1 x Simple meditations for busy people CD and audiobook
  • 4 x Inspirational fridge magnets




The I Care. You Matter. gift packs are designed to provide much needed support, reassurance and encouragement for those times when life is feeling hard, too much to handle, or you just need a booster to lift you back on your feet and raise your sights towards a brighter day.

Filled with inspiration that draws from overcoming life challenges and adversity, Josie authentically connects and shares wisdom she has personally gained by walking the path less travelled. You will be inspired, moved and compelled to look up, give thanks, embrace life and smile once again.

Buy this special I Care. You Matter. pack as a gift for someone you love or care about. They’ll be glad you did – and you will feel good too.

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