Matt Hirst’s Mighty Steps to cure Brain Cancer

Written by Josie Thomson on October 5, 2016

In our busy daily lives it’s easy to miss the forrest for the trees and completely overlook some of the more obvious activities that can disproportionally affect our happiness levels. Luckily, we can go off more than just our intuition; there are lots of proven strategies that aim to create the right behavior that leads to a happier life.

One way to do this is to find meaning in your work.

Last week I spoke to a hospitality worker at a major

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Shiver Me Timbers, Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Written by Josie Thomson on September 22, 2016

Avast! Talk Like A Pirate Day 2016 for Childhood Cancer Support was a huge hit. Shiver me timbers! I really enjoyed being Master of Ceremonies.

A huge shout out and thanks to Cr Jonathon Sri, Cr Vicki Howard, Minister for Health Cameron Dick, TocH, Bus Queensland, Multispares, Queensland Maritime Museum, Xpresso, Tegan Doyle and Kasey, Leith James, Peebo & Dagwood, Qld Maritime Pantomime, Sarah Daviess , the many CCS and other volunteers, and all the mum’s and dads and kiddies who

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Change. Change. Change.
Turning Endings into New Beginnings

Written by Josie Thomson on August 12, 2016

Every end is also a beginning…

Q: What’s one of the best times for figuring out who you are and what you truly want?

A: Right after a chapter of your life comes to an end.

Just like changes of the seasons, we are constantly evolving and growing – becoming better or bitter by these changes that occur in our lives. The choice is ultimately ours.

The fact is every chapter in life comes to an end at some time.

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News from Old London Town

Written by Josie Thomson on July 19, 2016

News from Old London Town

Here’s a quick update… I’ve just completed a whirlwind trip to London and I had a blast!!!

I was in London to collaborate with my co-authors Art Kleiner and Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz, and here we are with Jonathan Trippett and David Lancefield regarding our impending leadership book due for publication in 2017. Lots of exciting ideas and what a magnificent place to explore our thinking.


I went to see the Sunken Cities exhibition at the British

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Sabbatical insights and musings for life

Written by Josie Thomson on July 2, 2016

After six-weeks away on my Egyptian sabbatical, it’s good to be back in Brisbane to my ‘home’ and children. I learned so much while I was ‘offline’. Whilst nothing much has changed on the ‘outside’, there have been some significant changes on the ‘inside’. These shifts are observable through my presence and my choices. Those who have met with me since returning have commented without me saying a word. I feel more grounded, present and peace-full.

Going on sabbatical with no

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What are we missing out on when we rush?

Written by Josie Thomson on June 20, 2016

There seems to be one speed with which the world is operating: RUSH. “Rush hour’ has become our way of life. We rush our food. We rush our conversations. We rush our leisure. We rush our intimacy. We rush our fitness. We rush our driving. We rush our work. We rush our time out. We even rush our rest. WTF?!

What effect is Rushing having on you?

I’m am especially reminded of this as deadlines approach like holiday time or the end

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You’re more resilient than you think

Written by Josie Thomson on May 26, 2016

Over the weekend a friend sent me a link to Delta Goodrem’s new song ‘Dear Life’ – if you haven’t listened to you it, I recommend it to you. She said it reminded her of me. To me it’s like an open letter to life, reflecting on the path and reminding us that there are deeper truths and lessons to our experiences.

Recovering from cranial surgery.

It opens with ‘life will change you….to find what’s real.’ Isn’t that what

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Are we really too busy?

Written by Josie Thomson on May 17, 2016

Warning: I’m going to rant…nicely!

I visited a very dear friend of mine who is now 78yo in the UK prior to going to Egypt last month. He lives alone in a small 2 room apartment. All his favourite personal belongings surround him in an attempt to keep his memories intact. I am one of very few people he still remembers. I love John very much – I met him at a coaching conference over a decade ago and then ended

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The 7 Keys to Your Happiness and Success

Written by admin on April 2, 2016

I’ve often wondered what the distinction between happiness and success really is. I recall a few years back I was interviewed for Cosmo magazine on this very topic. The insight for me, and what I’ve grown to appreciate is that happiness is an INside job – success is what we do in our ‘outer’ world.

Over the years, my own quest for happiness and fulfilment lead me to where I am today – living a joy-filled life where I get to

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2016: Make it a year of no regrets

Written by admin on February 17, 2016

What would you dare to do, BE or say if you knew you would be fully supported to succeed?

Every morning I greet the day with a ‘thank you’. You see, in 1991 I was diagnosed with cancer for the first time, and given 6 months to live. It’s moments like that which can awaken a renewed sense of aliveness in us all – a calling to truly take hold of life with both hands and live it fully. Well, that’s

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