From Self-Love to Sacred Adventures

Over my many ‘interesting’ years of living, loving, and learning through life, I’ve come to integrate four key truths which allow me to take full responsibility for my life:

  • I deserve to be here.
  • I deserve to be heard.
  • I deserve to be healed.
  • I deserve to be happy.

I’ve struggled with each aspect during various stages of my life but have come to realise the one vital ingredient which brings me ‘home’ to myself is LOVE – love for you, love for me, and love for and of life. I am grateful every day for each new and mysterious day, for each refreshing breath. I take nothing and no one for granted. I’ve been blessed with a life I will make count — I know I will leave footprints of love long after my lifetime.

I also know I owe it to myself to truly savour and enjoy this gift of life I have been blessed with. I no longer choose suffering or self-sacrifice over self-care and joy. I have free will to choose, and more importantly, my neuroscience studies have taught me I have ‘free won’t.’ We always have a choice regarding how we respond to life and its many twists, turns, and challenges. They are all invitations to grow — the choice is whether we grow bitter or better. We get to decide.

I’ve said before: we are not defined by what happens to us. It’s how we respond that counts! Never underestimate your courage, will, and strength. It’s got you here. Breathe that in. You are far greater than you can imagine.

Recently, I ran my first sacred healing circle in Sydney, and it truly was amazing. My second was on the Sunshine Coast, and new paths are unfolding for me as I serve the call from deep within my heart. I know not where it will lead, but I do know I am on the right path. Let the magic happen!

Just a few weeks ago, I returned home from an adventurous search for the cave in Delphi — the one I dreamed about in January 2024 and felt called to find. Yet, it feels like I’m still there. I had no idea why I needed to go. It was a reoccuring dream, and something deep within me strongly compelled me to go. I followed and trusted my intuition. From the get-go, there was no stopping me.

Solo traveling all the way to Greece, trekking along an ancient path up to this cave, meeting ancient olive trees, connecting with a profound presence difficult to put into words, interacting with visceral energy that defied all logical explanation, receiving energetic downloads and healing in the dark and profound silence of the cave — this journey changed me in ways I don’t yet fully comprehend.

I can’t begin to express the gratitude I have for answering the call of my heart and not allowing my usual Taurean, risk-averse, logical practical brain to halt the idea. When I returned to the sunshine of my home in Brisbane, I realised: “I cannot return to the life I was living before my experiences in Delphi.” To understand what this means for my path forward will take more deliberate, patient, and quiet integration time, but I am ready to begin fulfilling my promise to Spirit to share publicly about my experiences. So, stay tuned…

It’s with deep gratitude and a big, open, tender heart that I’m readying to share even more love, light, and healing energy in this world. Here are some of the lessons from my expedition to Delphi that I’m grateful for:

  • Have the courage to follow your heart.
  • Be patient and allow the magic to be revealed.
  • Have no expectations — let the adventure unfold. You will be okay.
  • Trust, trust, and trust some more.
  • Believe in your knowing.
  • When the student is ready, ‘the cave’ appears.
  • Teachers can take many energetic forms if you have an open mind and are curious and willing to learn and grow.
  • Determination is stronger than deterrents.
  • Living a life of no regrets means taking the risk to back and believe in yourself.
  • Healing is possible.
  • All will be revealed in divine time.

If my journey resonates with you and you feel a call to embark on your own path of self-discovery and healing, I invite you to join the waitlist to join me in May 2025 for ‘The Delphi Cave Experience.’ This transformative journey awaits you, offering a unique opportunity to connect deeply with yourself and the ancient wisdom and healing energy of Delphi. Let’s walk this path together and uncover the magic that awaits.

Stay tuned for more details and insights from my adventures. Sign up for ‘The Delphi Cave Experience 2025’ waitlist today and discover a mystical path to self-love and healing with me.

With love,







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