3 Tips For Coping With Stress & Overwhelm

I was in complete overwhelm this week! The IN tray over filled, emails unattended to from over a week ago, the list of to-do’s completely out of control… know the feeling? I bet you do. I was beside myself, not knowing where to start and was completely disoriented! If you’re reading this post, then you’ve…

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Sail Through Life With Equanimity

No rational person would admit to seeking suffering over happiness yet, this is what each of us does when we consistently let the opinions of others influence our actions and shape our self-image. Those of us who have chosen a life or career in ‘service’ did so, not thinking that this choice would place us…

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Change Your Mind About Money

Have you ever wondered why some people have limiting beliefs around money? Here are some ways to overcome them for a financially free future. What blocks people from succeeding financially in their lives and having continued prosperity? In my years of experience as a coach, I have found that many people simply believe financial success…

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