A Brutal Life Lesson to Freedom

“I don’t think anyone really like me. They like versions of me that I’ve presented to them … versions of me that they’ve created in their minds… versions of me with the characteristics they value and are easy to like. But that’s not who I am.  Not really. And this scares me. Who’s going to…

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ABC Radio: How To Train Your Brain & Change The Way You Think

ABC Radio Interview with Steve Austin

The way you think, feel and act can be controlled by your brain. So can you change your brain? The actual way your brain works and controls you? According to Josie Thomson and Dr Jeffrey Schwartz, the answer is yes. Dr Jeffrey Schwartz & I were privileged to be interviewed by Steve Austin from ABC…

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Josie Thomson was today named the winner of a two Stevie® Awards in the Management category in the second annual Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards. GOLD STEVIE® AWARD for Maverick of the Year and SILVER STEVIE® AWARD for Women of the Year, both awards are in recognition of Josie’s impact and ability to affect the most positive change in her industry. Josie Thomson is…

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The Psychology of Money

What stops people from succeeding financially and having ongoing prosperity in their life? The answer is generally focused around the belief that financial success is not a possibility. There are many people who have unconscious barriers that prevent them from having the wealth and abundance that they deserve. If you have limiting beliefs about money…

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