What are we missing out on when we rush?

There seems to be one speed with which the world is operating: RUSH. “Rush hour’ has become our way of life. We rush our food. We rush our conversations. We rush our leisure. We rush our intimacy. We rush our fitness. We rush our driving. We rush our work. We rush our time out. We even rush our rest. WTF?!

What effect is Rushing having on you?

Josie-Park-Water-Pointing-SmilingI’m am especially reminded of this as deadlines approach like holiday time or the end of a financial year. While walking between appointments yesterday in the city, I caught myself keeping pace with those rushing around me. I paused for a bit, and noticed my heart racing at the speed of knots, and knew that if my heart was working so hard so too were other vitals in my body. It was a beautiful sunny, blue-sky day.

What are we missing out on?

I raised my face to the warm sunshine and drew a long deep and nourishing breath, all the way down to my belly, and then gently and slowly exhaled it all the way out. It took all of around 10 seconds. I noticed my head, my body and my whole self relax and become fully present. It was the reset I needed to remind myself to set my own pace and to savour the moments and experiences I find myself in.

Josie-Park-Grass-Lying-Smiling-2One of the things I’ve come to truly appreciate almost having lost my life a few times, is to savour the moments – to savour the experiences happening right here, right now. This very moment will pass and can never be recaptured again. Please, please, please for your sake and for the sake of your wellbeing, your dreams and the important relationships in your life, tune IN right now.

Give every moment your full focus and attention. Savour it. Don’t hold anything back. Step up. Speak up. Show up. Give, give and give some more – especially to yourself. Don’t wait for that ‘one day’ to come. Today is the day.


Pay attention

Realise that our time is our most important commodity that we can gift ourselves, our dreams and those we love. The way we live them determines how much they really matter to us. Pay attention to where you are. Pay attention to who is around you. Pay attention to how you are showing up. Make each moment count. Open your mind. Open your heart, and open your arms to receive the gifts where you are right now. Give thanks and savour this wild crazy ride called life.

With Love,


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Give the gift of a peaceful mind.

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