Cultivate Appreciation and Purpose

As the year draws closer and closer to conclusion, I’d like to share five powerful questions that yield two wonder-full aspects of life: appreciation and purpose. First though, let’s focus on what they really mean.

Appreciation = thankful recognition.
It’s seeing the positive in something or someone, and celebrating it. By doing this, we open our mind and hearts, give the gift of gratitude to the world, and open ourselves to receive more of what we want and enjoy. Our cups become fuller with appreciation and gratitude.

Purpose = knowing the life direction that is most aligned with our deepest interests and passions.
Deep inside, we know (even if it’s just an inkling) what we’re designed to do, and we can get there by being authentic and true to ourselves. This is how we serve the world and do what is most meaningful to us.

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1. What Do I Have to Be Thankful for Today?

Get into the habit of finding the positive in everything—from the microscopic to the magnificent. You might feel grateful for a small act of kindness from a stranger, or for the fresh air you’re breathing and the trees outside your window. It’s so easy for us to fall towards acknowledging what is wrong or not yet present in our lives, yet when we ascend to what’s right or ok, the world looks very different.

2. How Can I Make Today Even Better?

Humans are natural solution finders, so when we pose a question from a place of curiosity, our brains automatically strive to answer it. By asking how we can make today even better, we’re asking from a place of abundance rather than scarcity—if it’s already pretty good, is there anything we can do to enjoy it even more?

3. What Do I Have to Look Forward To?

There’s always something to look forward to, even if it’s small or simple. Having things to look forward to, whether it’s a new book to dive into at bedtime, or an upcoming get-together with a friend, literally helps up look forward and not dwell on the past. Not having enough exciting things coming up in the future can be a flag that we are living too much in our comfort zone—not believing that we’re worthy enough to receive fun and nourishing experiences. When we consider what we could be excited about, it gives us some good clues into what is meaningful and fulfilling to us—and that can offer insights into our life’s purpose.

4. Who Am I Inspired By and Why?

What traits in others do you find illuminating? What is it exactly that you find inspiring and why? Is it relevant for you to adopt? While we must be authentic to ourselves, it’s healthy to be inspired and encouraged by others.

5. How Can I Best Serve the World?

This is a big question. When our life’s purpose has an element of serving the world in some small way, we step into a place where we become givers—not only to others, but ourselves, for we are operating from kindness, compassion, and love. Many highly successful people including Tony Robbins and Richard Branson often talk about how their intention was always to make others’ lives better rather than to become millionaires—the money was a positive outcome of their intent. How can you best marry what you’re passionate about with a way to serve the world in a way that only you can? You have unique and special gifts—by bringing them to the world, you bring fulfilment to yourself too. It’s a win-win-win!!!



In my work as a coach, I dedicate myself to improving self worth globally and to redefining success as the cultivation of a self-defined, positive and purposeful life for the benefit of individuals, their loved ones, their organisation and the world as a whole.

Remember this: there is only one of you in this world. Your uniqueness is your gift to the world. Discover it, embrace it, and share and shine it out loud!

Your turn…

Please leave a comment below and let me know which question above resonated the most with you.  Do you have any other ideas, quotes, tips or stories to share about cultivating greater appreciation and purpose in life?  I would love to hear from YOU.

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Until next time, may your joys be many, may you discover the ‘light inside’ so you too may shine…to make a better day… (please take a few minutes now to gently close your eyes and truly listen to the words of this song “Shine” by my friend Adam Thompson which I dedicate to YOU!).

With love, 


You Can Shine – Adam Thompson

Other News & Events:

As proud Ambassador for Childhood Cancer Support, I’m delighted to say that our annual Talk Like A Pirate Day fund raiser event last month was a great success. A big heart-felt THANK YOU to all who attended or donated to help make the day extra special for our children and families. You can make a tax-deductible donation at 

I ran my ‘brain training’ session for the youth at Veterans 4 Youth a few weeks ago. Below are Highlights from this organisation. V4Y is a brilliant program designed to develop self-discipline, self-confidence and self-motivation for challenging youth. It’s a camp that provides much needed support for parents, schools and communities which also develops their leadership potential and respect for others, setting them up adaptively for future challenges in life. See more at #VFY #Veterans4Youth


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