2016: Make it a year of no regrets

Written by Alex Levonis on February 17, 2016

What would you dare to do, BE or say if you knew you would be fully supported to succeed?

Every morning I greet the day with a ‘thank you’. You see, in 1991 I was diagnosed with cancer for the first time, and given 6 months to live. It’s moments like that which can awaken a renewed sense of aliveness in us all – a calling to truly take hold of life with both hands and live it fully. Well, that’s

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A very special Christmas message from my heart to yours…

Written by Josie Thomson on December 10, 2015


Yes, it’s that time of year again! Christmas! And as we wind-down the year that’s been, we still have an enormous amount to do and we can often lose sight of what the Christmas and festive season is all about.

So, here it is: inspired by a meme I saw on Facebook recently; instead of giving you another TO-DO list (which I’m sure you have plenty of already), what I’m going to suggest and talk about here is a TO-BE list. Sound

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Free Your Mind With Mindfulness

Written by Josie Thomson on November 3, 2015

Are Bad Habits and Unhealthy Thinking Taking Control Of Your Life? Try Mindfulness…

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Have you ever been on a train that is stationary at the platform and felt as though you were already moving because the train next to you started to pull away? That is how we often experience our thinking.

The reality is that we are just human beings having thoughts in a relatively still world, but those thoughts can create the illusion that we are being swept

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Simple Mindfulness Exercises

Written by Josie Thomson on November 2, 2015

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Meditation is an exercise in mindfulness. Despite what you may think, it doesn’t need to be hard and won’t require you to fit something else into your already busy schedule.

If you can take between 4-16 minutes* each day to sit and meditate or be guided through a relaxing visualisation then I would absolutely recommend that you do that, but if you can’t, or simply don’t want to, then you can still experience the benefits of mindfulness while you go

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8 Telltale Signs You’re NOT In Control Of Your Brain

Written by Josie Thomson on November 1, 2015

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Are you living your life on autopilot never pausing to consider who’s in charge of your thoughts? Do you sometimes wonder why you react the way you do to things that happen around or to you? Well the good news is that it’s not you… it’s just your brain! Or more specifically, it’s the thinking errors that your brain has hardwired over the course of your life. 

And the even better news? You can change the way you

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ABC Radio: How To Train Your Brain & Change The Way You Think

Written by Josie Thomson on October 30, 2015
ABC Radio Interview with Steve Austin

The way you think, feel and act can be controlled by your brain.

So can you change your brain? The actual way your brain works and controls you?

According to Josie Thomson and Dr Jeffrey Schwartz, the answer is yes.

Dr Jeffrey Schwartz & I were privileged to be interviewed by Steve Austin from ABC Radio yesterday. If you missed it, you can listen to it on Soundcloud using the embedded player below.

Interested in learning more about the brain?

Take control of your brain, change

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Build Resilience: My Top 10 Tips for Coping with Adversity

Written by Josie Thomson on September 15, 2015
Tough times? There are better ways to cope with adversity!

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We have all at some stage been absolutely astounded at how well someone has managed to stay afloat – emotionally, psychologically and physically, through the most awful situation, and at other times have been deeply concerned about another’s lack of ‘buoyancy’ in the same situation. What makes these people different? It’s a skill or trait referred to as resilience.

Resilience is defined as: an ability to manage and recover from life’s challenges. It’s been noted as a key

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The Awkward Art of Acknowledging Oneself

Written by Josie Thomson on June 17, 2015
Celebrating Your Wins by Josie Thomson

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Do you ever feel like life gets so crazy, busy and hectic and there’s something missing?

Have you ever wondered what your life and all your hard work is all for? These are questions I hear a lot in my vocation as a coach. One of the themes I hear over and over actually boils down to taking the time acknowledging and celebrating wins. There is so much demand on our focus, energy and attention to ‘what’s next?’ that we

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ENLIVEN-U: A little book of inspirations

Written by Josie Thomson on May 25, 2015

This little book of inspirations has been made possible with the encouragement and championing of committed friends and family who have walked beside me and held me up ‘no matter what’.  

“To the readers who hold this book in their hands, know that my blessings of love and deep respect for you is with you always. I hope you will find comfort and hope in this little book of inspiration and that your life is enlivened from the inside out.”

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Written by Josie Thomson on April 22, 2015

Josie Thomson was today named the winner of a two Stevie® Awards in the Management category in the second annual Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards.

GOLD STEVIE® AWARD for Maverick of the Year and SILVER STEVIE® AWARD for Women of the Year, both awards are in recognition of Josie’s impact and ability to affect the most positive change in her industry.

Josie Thomson is a change, resilience and mindset expert. She holds an impressive track record in inspirational public speaking, corporate workshops and executive coaching. She is a

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