A Journey of Surrender, Healing and Gratitude

I’m finally home – a journey of healing begins!

After spending what felt like an eternity – 20 long days – in the confines of a hospital bed, I’m now home, where I can begin my journey of deep healing in peace. I can’t thank you enough for the loving, caring support and words of encouragement you showered upon me during my time of need. Your messages buoyed me on days when strength and hope were scarce. From the depths of my heart, I THANK YOU.

The Transformational Hospital Experience

My time in the hospital brought about a profound change within me. My awareness has shifted, and I feel as if I’m coming out of this as a different person. There were moments when my consciousness expanded beyond the realms of the conscious mind. One evening, I distinctly felt the golden light my ‘soul’ lifting up and out of my body, yet my senses were heightened, and I could ‘see’ everything happening around me. In that state, I travelled to say my goodbyes to my loved ones in different locations, as if propelled by the speed of intention.

Although I was caught unprepared, this experience became an act of ultimate surrender, leading to a series of surrendering acts in the following days.

Facing Uncertainty and Embracing Surrender

My body is now exhausted, grappling with sleeplessness and pain. The uncertainty surrounding my condition has led to intrusive thoughts. However, I’m grateful for the wisdom I’ve gained in dealing effectively with these thoughts, maintaining an impenetrable inner calm and peace. This form of awareness has enabled me to distance myself from potential drama that would disturb my peace of mind. I’m so thankful for the work of my dear friend Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz and the program we put together: You Are Not Your Brain, which has taught me how to manage these intrusive thoughts and centre myself into a place of deep calm, clarity and serenity. It’s quite amusing to see how the seemingly separate pieces of my life ie. neuroscience, mindfulness, coaching, quantum consciousness and meditation have come together in my hour of need to re-source me for the healing journey ahead.

 The Alchemy of Transformation

As I found myself teetering on the edge between life and physical death, I realized that I wasn’t ready to leave this lifetime. My fear transformed into courage, and my stubbornness melted into surrender. The support and love of friends in the hospital room was invaluable during this process. I am grateful for the opportunity to have had brave conversations with my children and confidants, as well as the chance to say my farewells at a soul level. Through it all, I discovered a deep sense of peace and love within my heart, knowing that there is a greater force that supports and comforts me whenever I reach for it.

Lessons of Rest and Nourishment

The experience taught me the vital importance of stopping, resting, and recharging without guilt. It allowed me to realize that nourishing oneself first is essential for getting things done in the right way and at the right pace. As the flight attendants say, you must put on your own oxygen mask before helping those around you. This analogy is something that I need to start living by, as I’m often prioritizing the needs of others over and above my own. I think this is all too common for women and mothers, and maybe you relate to this all too well too!  Seeking out sources of energy has now become my priority. A walk in nature, a soothing book, a cup of herbal tea, classical music, sunshine, water, honest conversations, towering trees, massages, warm baths, communication with my guides, moonlight, singing birds, and journaling will become my sources of rejuvenation.

Embracing Your Inner Light

I discovered that each of us has a unique and special inner ‘light’ energy with its own rhythm. Aligning with this rhythm is the key to achieving all the amazing things we desire. By paying attention and tuning in, we can allow this energy to lead us, removing doubt and uncertainty from our mind. I urge you all, my friends, to learn from my experiences – pause often, and seek out what nourishes you, for it will lead you to the answers you seek.

The Ultimate Lesson in Surrender

Through my journey, I have become acutely aware that relying solely on willpower has its limitations. In the past, my willpower dictated my actions, often pushing me to neglect the care and rest my body needed. This time, I understand that my body holds the ultimate power. If I fail to care for it properly, it may decide to tap out, leaving me no choice but to surrender. This realization has brought me to my knees, praying for forgiveness and another chance to live life more deliberately, consciously, and with greater balance, rest, and joy.

Embracing Gratitude

As I walk this transformative path, I’m deeply touched and grateful for the outpouring of your care and well-wishes. Each breath I take is now savoured with reverence and gratitude for the countless blessings in my life, including the presence of each one of you.

My journey of healing, surrender, and gratitude continues, and I hope that by sharing my experiences, you may find inspiration to embark on your own transformative journey. Let us all cherish the moments of rest, seek out what nourishes our souls, and surrender to the flow of life’s grand design. May we embrace gratitude in every step and live with conscious intention, knowing that every breath is a gift worth treasuring.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

With love and gratitude,







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  • Lade Oloyede says:

    Thank you for sharing and being open about your life experiences. It touches sp many lives including mine and I am grateful for the inspirations, learnings and growth as a result. I am thankful for fate that made our paths cross. Thank you and my more sincere gratitude to God for knowing you. Rest up and get better my dear friend. Lade