Master your Thoughts – Create your Reality

When your mind is in a spin, and the world around you gets a little crazy, have you ever paused to think about what you’re thinking about?

Have you thought that if you could master your thoughts, you can create a better reality?

I read recently: ‘Your mind is a suggestion engine. Every thought you have is a suggestion, not an order.’

I loved that because it’s true.

Sometimes my mind suggests that I am tired, that I should give up, or that I should take an easier path. But if I pause and expand my awareness, I can discover new/other suggestions.

For example: that I will feel good once the work is done or that I have the ability to finish things even when I don’t feel like it.

So I’m grateful to have learned that my thoughts are not orders. Thoughts are merely suggestions. We have the power to choose which option to follow.

Another reflection I’ve had is that we all have something within us that’s bolder, bigger and better than any of our doubts and limits.

When we redirect our focus and attention on what we CAN change and influence, we claim our empowerment over our lives.

We serve the world best when we stop playing small. Doubts and fears won’t disappear. They also don’t need to rule our world or win the day.

When fears and negative thoughts creep into your awareness, you can refocus your attention on what is already good in you, what generates energy and lights you up, and what propels you forward through your heart.  Then…notice what changes.

I’ve also learned to drop the habit of struggling or resisting what’s happening.  This has changed my relationship with reality and with myself. I can clearly appreciate that life is good and I’ve now created a beautiful place to live from within.  My sense of BEing is in harmony with the flow of life.

Living a heart centred life is a wonderful experience. It’s taken me a long time to get here but it’s been a worthwhile endeavour. There’s a river of joy flowing inside of me, filled with love, awe, gratitude, joy and beauty overwhelming. And what I’ve realised is, it was always this way. I was just looking in the wrong place!

I’m so grateful to have learned that I cannot solve inner problems with outer solutions. The answer is always within. Nothing outside of us can compensate for problems/blockages inside of us. And that’s why I’ve decided to host a special lunchtime session designed just for you – I’m going to practically share what I’ve done and show you how to unblock stress or anxiety or trauma from your own body. Click here for details.

Remember this; you are more capable, stronger and bolder than any challenge put before you.

Stand tall. Stand proud. Remember who you are, and learn to master your thoughts to create a life you love.

With love,








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