How To Manage Anxiety, Panic and Stress

This month I decided to do something different – to give you a practical, easy and simple resource to show you how to manage anxiety, panic and stress effectively with this short mindfulness meditation practice.
As you may be aware, as well as completing masters studies in neuroscience, I’m a certified mindfulness facilitator and I’m also undertaking formal certification in MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction).
I love, love, love my executive coaching practice and the workshops I deliver within organisations AND I have a deep passion to help more people live happier, healthier, empowered and resource-full lives.
I’ve been noticing very worrying symptoms of stress, distress and burnout in the workplace lately so I want to offer you (and those you care about) something practical to counter these stressful times.
Personally, one of the many things I’ve learned through battling significant health challenges including cancer (more than once) is that stress is a contributing factor to inflammation in the body and consequently, our dis-eases.
This guided practice is one of my many brief free weekly offerings as part of Purposeful Pause which occurs online each Monday at midday AEST. Purposeful Pause is available for anyone, no matter your level of experience, who wishes to learn simple guided practices to improve health, happiness, resilience and resourcefulness in navigating life and it’s challenges.
So when you’re ready, get yourself comfortable, minimise your distractions for 15 minutes and CLICK the image below. Remember to observe yourself – your mind, your body, your breath. If you find yourself in a heightened state of stress or panic, gently redirect the focus of your attention to your breath. Place one hand on your chest or belly and elongate your breaths – especially your exhalations. Focus entirely on you managing yourself in this moment, one breath at a time.

If you’d like to join these free sessions more regularly, and learn some simple guided practices to maintain and sustain your good mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, simply register your interest HERE.
For those who wish to reap the many benefits and rewards of a sustained daily mindfulness meditation practice for a full month, check out this collection of short, simple guided practices put together by me for my online program called Calm Your Farm.
For a full emersion and experiential delight for all your senses, join me for an evening of guided practice, healing intentions and sound meditation next month for the Springtime RECREATE event.  Depending on my own health, this event will either be hosted live in Brisbane or online.
Until we meet again, I will hold space for you in my heart and wish that you be safe, be calm, and be well… one long, deep, easy breath at a time.
With love,





PS: Sharing is caring. If this message and practice could aide someone you know, please share it with them now. If you found this resource helpful, I’d love to hear from you too – comment and share your experience with me.

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