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What’s the opportunity in this adversity?

Surely there has to be a different way, a better way to make sense and use of what’s going on in the world today. Whilst challenging in numerous ways, the quarantine is forcing us to turn inwards. This is an opportunity to spend time attuning to the inner voice within, and maybe even begin healing yourself.…

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Stop Stressing and Calm Your Mind

Happy New Year to you! Can I say that as we enter the second month of this New Year and new decade? Well… I will!  You see, I’ve just got back from a whole month away visiting my parents and family interstate. As a single mum and entrepreneur, it can be challenging to manage and…

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8 Telltale Signs You’re NOT In Control Of Your Brain

Download this article here. Are you living your life on autopilot never pausing to consider who’s in charge of your thoughts? Do you sometimes wonder why you react the way you do to things that happen around or to you? Well the good news is that it’s not you… it’s just your brain! Or more…

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