Do you want to experience a radical change?

Do you want to experience a radical change?

Want to experience a radical change in your approach to life?

Are you curious?


Yes, you read correctly. Meditate.

I resisted meditation for so many years – I thought it was for monks! But then… life happened.

After a major surgery in January 2010, I suddenly found myself unable to walk or talk for several months, Left with limited physical choices, this one day… I surrendered.

I dropped my battle with my body. I dropped the resistance to my circumstances. I stopped being angry at myself. I stopped struggling. I stopped arguing with reality. I just let go…  And then… guess what happened?

I literally awakened into the most profound inner peace, stillness and awe I’ve ever experienced in my life!

I was sitting on the grass with my dogs in the back yard, and when I opened my tear-filled eyes, it was as if I was ‘seeing’ the leaves on the trees, and the blades of grass for the very first time.

It was surreal and it was so, so beautiful.

That experience is still with me today.

That day, I learned that meditation is our gateway to become stronger and maintain our inner peace, regardless of what is going on inside us or around us.

And the good news is, if I can do it, so can you. This highly analytical brain that loves to analyse and analyse, and did I say, analyse, everything, was able to be silenced and stilled to enable a sense of great calm, peace and clarity to emerge.

This experience prompted me to create my 4-minute Simple Meditation For Busy People. It’s a very simple guided practice, lead by me, that assists and supports you in ‘letting go’ of your troubles and concerns, just for 4 minutes, and experience profound peace.

If you’re curious, check it out! For this month only, I’ve created a special bundle of the Simple Meditation For Busy People downloadable back story complete with 4 x 4 minute meditation options, PLUS the Ebook for only $20. Buy the special bundle here right now.

My wish is that you too may discover and experience that meditation can still the mind and revitalise our awareness of the ever-present deep love and thankfulness available to us at any time.

The last few weeks have really propelled me INward to embrace all that I have been ‘preaching’ for years i.e. about resilience, about meditation, about letting go, about being still. Despite the challenges and the dramas, I look up and smile each day. I count my many blessings, and I walk forward with a surreal calm and inner knowing that all is well.

So if you’re ready to experience a radical change in your life, give meditation a try. You can find more resources on my website, my SMFBP facebook page, and also my online program Calm Your Farm which includes a whole month of guided meditations I’ve personally curated and recorded to resource your journey back ‘home’ to who you really are.

Offering you peace, calm and gratitude for being uniquely you, and for being part of my life.

With love,





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