Episode 20 – From Trauma to Service with Maria Roney

This podcast interview features a brave hearted woman who vulnerably shares her story of love, loss, complex grief, narcissistic abuse, domestic violence and… reinvention – allow me to introduce you to Maria Roney. The episode examines what it takes to dig deep, assert strong boundaries, to love and accept yourself, and to keep life in…

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Episode 18 – Awakened by Addiction and Death with Nicole Phoenix Starr

This interview explores an extraordinary journey of a former Australian ballroom dancing champion, gracious guide, wise woman, leader, teacher, solo mother of three, who has graced world stages, and is an ordained Hindu High Priestess. Meet Nicole Phoenix Starr. Nicole was born in country NSW in Wagga Wagga and experienced years of upheaval, deep grief,…

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Episode 15 – From Trauma to Triumph with Justine Roach

Justine Roach’s life as a successful businesswoman, professional home renovator and mother changed overnight in 2005, after the sudden suicide of her beloved sister, Rachael. Struggling to come to terms with her soulmate’s death, Justine suffered a breakdown which left its mark in ongoing depression and anxiety. This episode examines her rise from other traumas…

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