Episode 26 – From Depression & Homelessness to Determination & Happiness with Kevin Porter

Kevin Porter’s story is the epitome of resilience, courage, determination and true grit. This episode examines what it takes to fight to live. Kevin is a research and design anthropologist, providing intelligence to companies to deliver insightful solutions to common and uncommon business problems. He served in the military from the age of 15 to…

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Episode 23 – Healing addiction from head to heart with Anthony Kiely

This podcast interview features an inspiring father, husband, grandfather, larrikin and fun-loving construction worker – Anthony Kiely. One of 10 siblings, raised in council housing in Ireland with a backdrop of domestic abuse and alcohol addiction, Anthony describes his journey in overcoming his own battles, and an ultimate test of his strength and commitment to…

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Episode 20 – From Trauma to Service with Maria Roney

This podcast interview features a brave hearted woman who vulnerably shares her story of love, loss, complex grief, narcissistic abuse, domestic violence and… reinvention – allow me to introduce you to Maria Roney. The episode examines what it takes to dig deep, assert strong boundaries, to love and accept yourself, and to keep life in…

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