Episode 26 – From Depression & Homelessness to Determination & Happiness with Kevin Porter

Kevin Porter’s story is the epitome of resilience, courage, determination and true grit.

This episode examines what it takes to fight to live. Kevin is a research and design anthropologist, providing intelligence to companies to deliver insightful solutions to common and uncommon business problems. He served in the military from the age of 15 to 21yo. and was a stay at home dad for 14 years. He says his two sons are what kept him alive.

We talk of many life themes including mental, emotional and physical abuse, bullying, depression, PTSD, anger, violence and self discipline.

Learn from a man who shares how he learnt to rise from the depths of depression and despair to realise the importance of honesty, team work, integrity, gratitude and respect. Kevin believes life is a verb – it’s not a passive act. He now describes himself as a positive mosaic with a fight to live.

Tune in, open your mind and heart, and be inspired.



His Linkedin profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-porter-9819493a/

His website link – https://anthropogenesis.com.au

Mindfulness book: The book is: The Path of Mindfulness Meditation by Peter Strong. PhD

Wellness & Wisdom for the Workplace for preventative and proactive strategies for positive mental health and growing resilience capability with Josie Thomson

You Are Not Your Brain online course, for changing bad habits, ending unhealthy thinking and taking control of your life, with Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz & Josie Thomson https://josiethomson.com/you-are-not-your-brain/

Simple Meditation For Busy People ebook/meditations download https://josiethomson.com/product/simple-meditation-for-busy-people-digital-download/

Enliven-U book of inspirations and hope https://josiethomson.com/product/enliven-u-little-book-inspirations/

The Wise Advocate book – the inner voice of strategic leadership https://josiethomson.com/product/the-wise-advocate-the-inner-voice-of-strategic-leadership/

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