Episode 25 – From Lies, To Truth, To Purpose with Bill Bennett

Hold onto your seats as you tune into this special podcast interview with Bill Bennett. You may recognise the name – Bill Bennett is a multi-award winning Australian Producer and Director. He’s an author of Palace of Fires and also the Camino memoir: The Way, My Way. Over a career spanning four decades, he’s made sixteen feature films and numerous documentaries. He studied journalism at the University of Queensland and is a former reporter at Channel 7 and ABC Australia.

What you may not know is 5 years ago, at the height of his career, Bill was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

For a long time, Bill didn’t want to tell people – he didn’t want to be judged for it. Bill didn’t want to be defined by Parkinson’s disease.

In this episode Bill shares his quest to answer the hardest question of all: who are you?

Bill also opens up about the 3 formative periods and major turning points of his life: from a near-death road accident, to ‘hearing’ the voice of intuition that saved his life once again, to the granting of his ultimate wish to have challenges to overcome so to experience his spiritual growth… voilà!… the diagnosis of an incurable degenerative disease.

This episode examines the biggest obstacle to intuition, and how Bill’s firm belief that nothing is random, has redirected him to his life’s greatest purpose.

We talk of many life themes including fear, purpose, intuition, mindfulness, grace and dignity.

Learn from a man who has transformed adversity into opportunities to learn, grow and serve. Listen to how he used his filmmaking talents to express and accept his circumstances, to ultimately serve a greater purpose.

Bill talks about grace and death and that grace, or lack of grace, is what defines us.

Tune in, open your mind and heart, and be inspired.


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  • Pete Smith says:

    What an awesome conversation between two amazing people. Thank you for the inspiration Bill and Josie. It is how we work with what is presented that determines who we are. Two great examples to follow here…