Episode 22 – Worthy & Awakened From Brokenness with ‘Jindi’ Jillianne Rixon

Jillianne Rixon, affectionately known as ‘Jindi’ is a survivor. Life was tough from a very young age, growing up as one of 9 children in a family of abusive behaviour. By the age of 15, Jindi found herself on the streets of Kings Cross. Strip clubs, night clubs, prostitution and drug trade characterised the Cross, epitomised for its passion and violence.

At the tender age of 17, a stranger gave her 7 cents to make a phone call that would save her life again.

A period of intense rehabilitation ensued, before attracting a husband who held her and their young sons hostage at gun point for 21 days. 

Fast forward, Jindi not only survived, she now teaches women the value of asking for help, learning to trust and respect themselves, and the importance of personal boundaries. Hear how she turned her whole life around to now enable and resource others to do the same. 

Tune in, open your mind and heart, and be inspired. 



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