Episode 27 – From brain cancer to self love with Mayte Miguelez

This podcast interview features a former banking and finance executive, Mayte Miguelez, who in July 2022 was diagnosed with an aggressive grade 4 GBM – brain cancer: glioblastoma and given 6 months to live.

Originally from Mexico, Mayte knows what it’s like to fight against the odds to achieve her dreams. Growing up in an era when it was not considered appropriate for girls to play soccer, Mayte battled against much resistance to play soccer for her country… and she won!

Fast forward many years, her fighting spirit was challenged yet again when she was suddenly rushed to hospital for immediate brain surgery and subsequent radiation therapy and chemotherapy treatment.

Mayte has been able to transform her brain cancer diagnosis into one of the most enriching, loving and healing experiences through her MAYOGA practice. Today, 8 months on from her surgery, she is back at work leading workshops, managing a Mexican art business, running, cycling, driving, flying and loving life.

As Mayte likes to say: ‘through self healing, the healer is born.’

We talk of many life themes including integrative medicine, relationships, surrender, trust, self love, perception and purpose.

Learn from a woman who learned to apply what she knew about wellbeing and healing to become the CEO of her own life.

Tune in, open your mind and heart, and be inspired.


For more information about Mayte visit her website MAYogaaustralia.com

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