Episode 23 – Healing addiction from head to heart with Anthony Kiely

This podcast interview features an inspiring father, husband, grandfather, larrikin and fun-loving construction worker – Anthony Kiely.

One of 10 siblings, raised in council housing in Ireland with a backdrop of domestic abuse and alcohol addiction, Anthony describes his journey in overcoming his own battles, and an ultimate test of his strength and commitment to live his best life as the best version of himself, when he supported his own son, aged 6 at the time, through a battle with blood cancer.

This episode examines what it really means to rise above your circumstances and take the journey from head to heart in overcoming your greatest battles.

Learn from a man who believed in himself enough to never give up, and has helped inspire others to believe in themselves and rise above their circumstances.

Tune in, open your mind and heart, and be inspired.



Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/anthony.kiely.58

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