Episode 28 – From Vulnerability to Victor with Noel Lord

This podcast interview (part 1 of 2 interviews) features a larger than life business man and entrepreneur who has learned that comparison is the killer of all joy. Noel Lord stands at 6ft 8” and weighs around 130kgs – an imposing presence yet he found himself incredibly vulnerable in 2008 when he lost everything he’d work hard to achieve. Shares, home, assets… all gone in a blink of the eye due to the Global Financial Crisis.

Having held senior positions for over 30 years in a number of companies including Macquarie Bank, CommSec and Metlife, Noel Lord became known for his unwavering commitment to helping stakeholders grow, contribute and achieve success. His strategic prowess meant he was well-prepared to navigate the evolving business landscape and continue to make a positive impact, until his life changed.

This was a significant turning point for Noel. The experience of losing ‘everything’ helped him re-evaluate what was truly important in his life. Having chased job titles, status and financial wealth for several decades, he grew to learn the value of family, true friendships, and health.

When he thought he was back on track, he was further derailed by deceit and betrayal in a business venture by a supposed friend.

Tune in and learn how Noel turned his predicament around and found a new and more fulfilling purpose in life.

This episode examines the distinction between influence and concern; that asking for help is empowering, and how vulnerability can be a great strength in taking personal responsibility.

We talk about the fear of judgment, failure, how to help yourself, and leaving the ego at the door.  Learn from a man who says that vulnerability has brought him greater happiness, fulfilment and purpose.

Tune in, open your mind and heart, and be inspired.


Contact Noel Lord: noel.lord@care360.com.au

Noel’s book (coming soon):

Website: www.care360.com.au

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  • I loved this podcast. My big take aways were about, managing yourself, remaining accountable, and staying true to your values. I also liked focus on impact, not content. Will look forward to listening to the 2nd podcast. Thanks for sharing Lordy.

  • Harold Derrah says:

    Great podcast, thanks. Will be waiting for second session.