Calm Your Farm

Do you wish you could create better calm, clarity and confidence to better manage the many challenges of life, and learn to Calm Your Farm?

What if I told you I had the perfect solution to do just that.

Managing the juggle and challenges of life these days appears to be creating stress, anxiety, overwhelm and dis-ease at alarming rates.  Through direct experience working with many executive level coaching clients, I’ve seen first hand how stress can impair quality of life and the relationships we hold most dear to our hearts.

It’s time to hit the reset button.

Four common and unhealthy ways people try to minimize, control, or eliminate stressful emotions & thoughts are:

  1. Suppression
    This may work for around 2 minutes – or as long as you can hold back the tidal wave of energy that builds up in your mind and body. Then, the emotions and thoughts may erupt with even greater intensity.
  2. Logic
    Nice try. Challenging emotions and stressful thoughts laugh in the face of logic.  Logic doesn’t have the power to transform challenging emotions and stressful thoughts until we train ourselves to assess and discern them effectively with mindfulness training.
  3. Addictions
    Chocolate or chips or ice cream etc. Using substances can numb you to the impact of reactive emotions and negative thoughts, but it doesn’t change, much less transform them. In fact, they can feed on the self-loathing that follows.
  4. Exercise
    This is definitely a healthier option. After a sweaty workout, the endorphin high is liberating. But it’s not always possible to stop in the middle of your day to assume a sun salute pose or do jumping jacks.

Suppression, logic, addictions and exercise won’t transform your challenging emotions and stressful thoughts.

For transformation, you need a method that doesn’t rely on force, control, logic, or numbing out. You need one that works with the basic energy of emotion and thought directly.

You cannot get rid of emotions or self defeating thoughts.

They are part of the basic energy of life and align with how our brain is wired for safety first.

Instead, the goal is to transform the energy of reactive emotions into sources of life-enriching creativity. This is what mindfulness meditation is specifically designed to do.

Einstein said: ‘you can’t solve a problem at the same level of consciousness at which it was created.’

This means:

  • You can’t solve your emotional reactivity at the level of emotion.
  • You can’t resolve stressful thoughts at the level of thought.

You need to move to a deeper, more primary level of conscious awareness.

That level of conscious awareness is available through mindfulness meditation.

But mindfulness meditation isn’t a secret formula either.

There isn’t a magic pill that will do the transforming work for you

The truth is you have to do the practice. The proof is in the practice.

Mindfulness meditation practice works.

You can verify the power of this method in your own experience.

Introducing my new offering: Calm Your Farm – easy daily mindfulness and meditation practices to ease stress and anxiety, and cultivate a sustainable reserve of calm, clarity and confidence in your life.

Calm Your Farm offers you a whole month of simple guided practices for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own space, whenever you like and where ever you are. Here’s what you get:

To effectively manage the effects of stressful emotions and thoughts, we must learn to handle them in a healthy, empowering and productive manner or else our health and wellbeing suffers.

My Calm Your Farm program gives you a complete menu of daily meditations, clear instructions, and beautiful guidance by yours truly for a full month.

Get the Calm Your Farm program HERE

You don’t have to give up chocolate, exercise or even logic when you practice mindfulness meditation.

You don’t even have to give up suppression. With repeated practice, it simply falls away on its own!

And, here’s a (not-so-secret) secret: chocolate tastes even more delicious when you eat it from the state of Mindful Awareness.

Yours in Mindful Awareness





P.S. If you’ve ever struggled to meditate, this is for you. Calm Your Farm will help you to release tension, relax and enter into your practice in a wholehearted way that is hard to achieve in a short time otherwise.





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