A Simple Plan for The Holiday Season

Hi, I’m Josie Thomson. I’m a multi-award winning coach, mindset and resilience expert, author and 2 time cancer survivor.

Today, I’ll share some ways for you to make a simple plan to maximise your own joy, and share the love too, over the holiday season.

With the holidays just weeks away, some of our most precious memories of the year are upon us. Knowing that, for many of us, if we’re lucky – this time may be rich with family and friends, it’s easy to understand why there is great anticipation of joy. Consider the possibility that the most important leadership work for each of us may come during this time.

A common comment from my coaching clients is a desire for greater balance in life. And, for a lot of us, time with family (from birth or family of choice) is a fundamental element in developing and sustaining our own personal wellness.

How can we make the most of this important time?

Being a great leader includes taking responsibility for, and having a greater influence on, the circumstances in our life instead of simply reacting to those circumstances. As you prepare for this holiday time, here are some thoughts to assist you with the objective of embracing and living this time fully by making a simple plan:

  • How would you like to see this valuable time unfold?
  • What do you need to do ahead of time to make this happen? Forgive someone? Call and make plans ahead?
  • What’s the greatest non-material gifts you’re going to give your loved ones?
  • Since you determine how you choose to live your life, focus on what’s working well in your life and what’s your plan to use this holiday time so that it provides a foundation for the new year?
  • What are the top reasons maximising this time with loved ones is important to you?

Choosing Not to Feel Lonely

And, yes, some of us may not be with family and friends during the holidays this year, but you can choose not to be lonely. How will you make this an enjoyable holiday break? Most of the questions above will work for you too, but here are some additional ones:

  • Do you have a choice in how you act and feel during this time?
  • Can you choose to focus on what’s good in your life rather than having a “scarcity/lack” focus?
  • Can you choose to help someone less fortunate than yourself?
  • Are there organisations in your area that need volunteers during the holidays?
  • Is there a club/group/church that is collecting food, money, or providing meals etc., during the holidays?
  • Is there a children’s hospital nearby or a nursing home? Seniors are very often alone during the holidays and would love a visit from anyone.

Can you break out of your comfort zone and get involved in one of these activities? Or maybe you could consider going to the local shopping centre, charity or church to see if there is a Giving Tree where you can take a card and buy a gift for someone in need.

What “random acts of kindness” can you perform during the holidays that will bring joy to others, and give you a good feeling too? Do you live in an apartment complex? Why not bake some homemade cookies, wrap them in gift paper and tie to the doorknob of a neighbour?

There are many ways you can spread cheer both within your own or the greater human family. I’d love to hear some examples of how you plan to do this. Please share them below.

After all is said and done, the real message of the holiday period is “peace on earth, good will to all.” And as the words of the song truly proclaim, “let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

Myself and the Josie Thomson HQ team have truly treasured serving our clients and web visitors in 2018, and I look forward to serving you into 2019 and beyond. Wishing you a joy-filled, warm, safe and fulfilling holiday season!

Until next time, remember: it’s not what happens to you that defines you, it’s how you respond that counts.

Shine on!

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