Giving thanks

Written by Josie Thomson on October 25, 2016

One of my greatest tips for increasing your ‘happiness quotient’ is to practice mindful gratitude.

We must realize that we really don’t need ‘more’. We just need to appreciate what we have. It’s a beautiful and bittersweet way of thinking all at once. We may not have what we want right now, but we still have ‘enough’.


Be thankful for what is, and also be thankful for what has not yet come to you. That means there’s still many possibilities available.
Find peace in the thought that you can’t ever have it all or know it all either. We are always just a fraction of the whole. If we weren’t, there would be nothing more to experience.

Value what you know, and also value the countless things you don’t yet understand. In what we don’t yet understand, lies the joy of growth.
Life will always be incomplete and a bit asymmetrical. Understand this and embrace it. Be happy and sad at the same time, be hungry and thankful at the same time, be nervous and excited at the same time, and be OK with it all.

And of course if you’re struggling with any of this, know that you are not alone. Many of us are right there with you, working hard to feel better, think more clearly, and get our lives back on track. This is precisely why I built “Think Better:Live Better.” The course is filled with time-tested steps on how to do just that.

Have we been sending you more emails than usual about this over the past several weeks?

YES! Because we’re closing the doors on January 31st to access and sometimes we need a little nudge to invest in ourselves.

This is not some online ebook that you read and forget about. It’s a revolutionary, self-paced online course and community with 6 video lessons, and many time-tested strategies and techniques that will teach you scientifically proven methods for changing bad habits, end unhealthy thinking, and take back control of your life and happiness. These are the exact proven strategies and techniques I have used in my coaching practice to help thousands of people over the past two decades.

If you know anyone who could benefit from this  blog or my Think Better:Live Better program, please share and help ‘spread the love’.

I’d like to hear your thoughts. Leave your comments below and let’s co-create a brighter and happier year ahead.

YES you CAN.
The TIME is NOW.
Bring it on!

With love, 






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