This is the Answer you’ve been looking for

So many people set off in search for answers in their life. Some will consult ‘experts’, some will seek advice from friends, and many will travel far and wide to ‘find themselves’. And there are others who do something a little different.

As many of you know, I have just returned from a two week sojourn in Cambodia. I celebrated a milestone birthday in April and decided it would be a good idea to explore a destination from my bucket list.

Just like Egypt (one of my favourite destinations on the planet), Siem Reap is filled with history and mystery. I loved it.

What also touched my heart was the spirit of the people. Smiles were offered just from the silent touch of my gaze, and families congregated at lunchtime and evenings around the moat surrounding Angkor Wat for picnics with one another.

Strong family values were lived and explicit. I’ve heard the saying: ‘it takes a tribe or community to raise a child’ – I saw this in action in Siem Reap.

Store keepers and guards at the temples even brought their little children to work with them. The children were front and centre of their daily life and focus of attention. This was truly wonderful to see.

I know things in a highly industrialised society that most of us live in are different, but what I think is missing is prioritization of quality time with our most precious children… including our own inner child.

Busyness has become an epidemic. Everyone is busy. It’s also a convenient excuse to not connect into and resolve other aspects of our lives.

People often come to me for coaching seeking direction and genuine, authentic intimacy and relationships. They want ‘real’ connections – the virtual world of interconnectivity is not good enough.

Here’s the thing: if you want ‘real’ you have to ‘get real’. You have to get real about yourself, about your priorities, and about the choices you’re making (and not making) in your life.

That’s why I’ve been asking myself some pretty big questions lately and I’m seeking to answer them – bravely and boldly.

I’m in the process of reshaping my whole business model so that I can make an even bigger positive difference in the world. So….watch this space. Changes are coming very soon. And as big and daunting as they may seem, I’m excited about them too! And I hope you will be too.

Getting The Answers You Need – An Action Plan Just For You

  • If you’re asking yourself some big questions…
  • If you’re seeking answers or resolution to something that’s puzzling you…
  • If you’re looking for clarity and direction in your life…
  • If you’re keen to know what to do next…
  1. Forge out 15-30 minutes of uninterrupted time from your dairy to focus on YOU.

  2. Take 3 long, deep and easy breaths to anchor your full attention and awareness.

  3. Take out a journal or piece of paper and a pen.

  4. Write down all the questions racing around in your head – yes, list them out. See them clearly in front of you.

  5. Now, one by one, sit quietly and actually answer them. Don’t overthink the answers – simply write down what you’re thinking about.*

*A question that may assist you with this, which I use with my coaching clients is: what one thing can I do, change or shift to influence this aspect of my life? A ‘shift’ could include how you view or think about the situation.

Often times what I’ve noticed is that we are really good at asking the big questions, but we don’t take the time to actually sit and answer them. You might be surprised about what you discover.

Keep It Up

Well done and congratulations for giving it a go. I’d love to know how you got on with this exercise. Did you get the answers and clarity you needed? Was this process helpful? Can you commit to diarizing and doing this regularly to keep a solid handle on your world?

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Until next time, remember this: your uniqueness is your gift to the world. Make time to tune ‘in’ to the wisdom of your own heart, and stay true to you.

With love, 


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  • Lisa Mosele says:

    Hi Josie, it definitely makes a difference when you write an idea or goal down. If feels more real just to get it out of your head. I’ve used this tool more in the last seven years and although it is such a simple tool, it has created some profound changes in my life. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.