Episode 14 – ‘Conquering the mountain’ of cancer with Vijay Bhat

This podcast interview features cancer thriver and pioneer of Cancer Coaching in India – Vijay Bhat. 


Post successful surgery, he decided against chemotherapy and turned to a holistic and integrated approach after being advised by doctors to ‘go home and pray.  


19 years later, he is still cancer-free, and a better person than before. “Cancer healed me” he says.  


This episode examines practical ways of managing the emotional depths of despair, fear, confusion, anger and feeling violated ambushed and betrayed.  


We talk of many life themes including resilience, personal responsibility, spirituality, open mindedness, courage and asking for help.  


Learn from a man who offers 5 levels of healing and the shifts/changes required to maximise remission potential and improve your immunity.  


This interview is packed with practical resources and reflections to help you find the strength you need to push forward and to find answers you seek in your deepest darkest moments. 


Tune in, open your mind and heart, and be inspired.  



Book: My Cancer Is Me: The Journey from Illness To Wholeness, published by Hay House in 2013 

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Guidance for CEOs: https://stresstoswaasthya.com/about-vijay-bhat-founder-of-roots-wings/ 

Email: vijay.bhat@cancerawakens.com 

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