Episode 13 – Advocating For Healing & Hope with Andrew Bills

This podcast interview features a deeply heart-centred, service oriented leader, husband, father, mentor and business leader – Andrew Bills. 


In this episode we examine how to rise above your circumstances. Andrew was sent to boarding school at age 10, his father died when he was 12, and his mother  raised Andrew and his brother and sister on her own. He believes taking on more responsibility from age 12 and then leaving New Zealand at age 21 to make his way in the world has given him a baseline of resilience. 


Andrew Bills shares his story of suddenly being diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer in 2019 and is testimony that early detection is a saving grace. Andrew is committed to building awareness and improving mental health by talking about his experience to empower, resource and encourage others to have regular checks. Andrew believes talking about it has reframed his experience from being a victim to being a victor. The nurse at the hospital said: “you’ve talked all the darkness out of you so it can’t take you down!”  


Devoted to sharing his wisdom for the benefit of others, Andrew  explains how he  deployed the Stockdale Paradox – confront the brutal facts and  have belief in yourself to get through it. He kept things in perspective b y working a way forward  with small practical steps – he shares some of these steps with us in this interview. “No matter what you’re going through – talk about it, talk about your feelings – what you’re experiencing is not unique to you – help yourself and others.” 


Tune in, open your mind and heart, and be inspired. 



Andrew’s email address is : abi57381@bigpond.net.au 

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