Episode 18 – Awakened by Addiction and Death with Nicole Phoenix Starr

This interview explores an extraordinary journey of a former Australian ballroom dancing champion, gracious guide, wise woman, leader, teacher, solo mother of three, who has graced world stages, and is an ordained Hindu High Priestess. Meet Nicole Phoenix Starr.

Nicole was born in country NSW in Wagga Wagga and experienced years of upheaval, deep grief, abuse, alcohol addiction and suicide ideation.

She’s 7.5 years sober now and lives in Bali, where she ‘navigates the sacred in every moment.’

In this interview Nicole describes her desperate search for ‘happiness’ and the unlikely place she found it. She’d given up on life – and even had a suicide plan.

Suddenly, her life and her focus took on a new and deeper dimension. She learned to end the cycle of suffering towards happiness, which she calls ‘liberation.’

Nicole describes the ultimate freedom and liberation, and how to take the steps to cultivate this freedom within your own life!

Tune in, open your mind and heart, and be inspired.



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