Episode 15 – From Trauma to Triumph with Justine Roach

Justine Roach’s life as a successful businesswoman, professional home renovator and mother changed overnight in 2005, after the sudden suicide of her beloved sister, Rachael. Struggling to come to terms with her soulmate’s death, Justine suffered a breakdown which left its mark in ongoing depression and anxiety.

This episode examines her rise from other traumas including childhood abuse and a life/death surgery of her then 30 day old son, whilst riddled with anxiety attacks and post natal depression. We explore the various philosophies and strategies Justine adopted that have ultimately transformed her life and how she ‘feels’ her way through the tidal waves of ever-changing emotions.

We talk of many life themes including dealing with buried memories, loneliness, inner child, self love, courage, joy and purpose.

Learn from a woman who has learned to take personal responsibility one little step at a time, day by day, to ultimately discover who she really is by cultivating joy and love from within, and now contributes to the lives of many through her book: Start Being Happy: Proven Practices for a Joyful Life.

Tune in, open your mind and heart, and be inspired.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/startbeinghappy/

Website: www.justineroach.com.au

Online video course Roadmap to Joy: https://justineroach.com.au/product/roadmap-to-joy-course/

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  • Greg says:

    Wow, what an amazing story. Very inspirational and what a powerful message. The journey from our heads to our hearts can be a difficult one, but, one that is ultimately worth the price.
    Justine, you are an amazing woman!


  • Lyn says:

    Thank you for sharing

  • Paul says:

    An extremely honest and raw account of a life turned from tragedy to happiness through resilience, love and determination – Thank you, Justine , and Josie for your sensitive questioning and comments.