You’re more resilient than you think

Over the weekend a friend sent me a link to Delta Goodrem’s new song ‘Dear Life’ – if you haven’t listened to you it, I recommend it to you. She said it reminded her of me. To me it’s like an open letter to life, reflecting on the path and reminding us that there are deeper truths and lessons to our experiences.

Recovering from cranial surgery, 2010.

Recovering from cranial surgery.

It opens with ‘life will change you….to find what’s real.’ Isn’t that what life is all about?! We are all survivors. Take a look in the mirror.

Reflect on who you are today as a consequence of the path you have already faced and travelled: the challenges overcome, the fears faced, the adversity conquered, the pivot points of truth that have enabled you to live in greater alignment with your values and deepest truths.

Never lose sight of how far you’ve come and how much stronger, courageous and wiser you are for it – battle scars and all.

It’s not always easy.

There are low lows of grief, sadness and loss along the way….and there will always be a sunrise – a small crack to allow the light of love, joy, gratitude and deeper peace in again.

Never lose faith in who you are and what you are capable of. Sometimes we don’t realise nor appreciate what we CAN achieve until we are faced with these fights, challenges and battles. I can attest to that!

Today I honour, acknowledge and applaud you – for your persistence, perseverance, bravery and commitment to keep going…. to face another day, and to live on. There is more life to be lived. Embrace it all. One day at a time. One foot in front of the next.



Me these days.

And remember: we are all in this together. We may not be physically together, but there is an invisible thread that connects our hearts and lives in ways we cannot begin to comprehend. Call on that combined love and strength and know that you have all the love and support you need to make it through to live on, embrace and celebrate this one precious life we have been given.

We are truly blessed to be here – let’s live like every moment counts, because it does! Thank you for you.


With Love,


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