The Value of Knowing Your Values

Who are you? What do you stand for? What really matters?

  • Do you know what your core values are?
  • Do you feel ‘ok’ about your world yet sense there’s something more, something deeper that seeks expression in your life?
  • What commitment do you make to yourself to live in better alignment with your values?
  • How will you ensure you follow through on your promise to yourself?
  • Do you need to define (or redefine) your values to get you back on track?

It amazes me how many people don’t know what their core values are. It’s a relatively simple exercise to discover what they are, and it can have a profound impact on your life.

Your core values are your blueprint and guiding criteria for a truly happy life. They are your ‘non-negotiables’ – you do not negotiate them for any job; you do not negotiate them for any relationship; you do not negotiate them in your everyday decisions around how you live your life.

One of the biggest causes of stress in our lives is making the big decisions. How can you make those if you don’t know whether your decision aligns with the core of who you are?

When you know who you are, what you stand for and what’s really important to you, making decisions is relatively simple and far less stressful.

Your work and your values

More than ever through my work as a coach and mentor, I am aware of the values conflicts and sufferance in workplaces today.  This saddens me. Technological advances and progress was always intentioned to make our lives better, to make our lives easier.  Instead, what I witness, is a mismatch in values and priorities.

Our agendas are being compromised and our priorities compete and create much stress, anxiety and worry.  This often results in poor mental, emotional and physical health. This concerns me very much. That’s why I’m focussing on the core problems facing us all… Resilience, Change, and Leadership…

These apply to all of us, no matter if we are business owners, busy executives, busy carers, we all need to master the art of bouncing back, managing change and being the leader in our lives.

How am I living my brand values?

I recently shared with you what my brand values are: Joy, Balance, Wellbeing, Integrity, Empowerment, Connection & Authenticity.

These values are at the core of me AND my business. They inform everything I do, every interaction I have and every decision I make.

So when I looked at these values and how I was operating and living everyday, I could easily identify where things were not in alignment.

Here’s some of the decisions I have made to ensure I am living my brand values:

  • I’ve decided that I will no longer be driven by my diary and commitments
  • I will take charge daily by discerning more carefully and mindfully what I commit to in alignment with my core values
  • I am simplifying and developing new products and programs to allow me to reach more people, make a bigger difference, and stay calm and focused
  • I am speaking more – reaching a wider audience with messages of resilience and hope, whilst managing my own wellbeing and maintaining balance
  • I’m checking in daily with my values and courage levels – making brave decisions that honour my own truth and deliver on my life purpose
  • I’ve decided to focus on quality connections with people who genuinely love and care for me, who also share my mission to serve the greater good
  • Having a clear vision for what’s most important to me, I am clear about what I will continue to do, what to stop doing, and what needs to change in my life
  • I’m taking responsibility for my own happiness and unhappiness, and empowering others to do the same
  • I bring pure joy, passion for my craft, curiosity and total commitment to every coaching session
  • I’m daring to bring my truth to the world – in every interaction I have


Be true, be YOU!

Josie x

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