Putting a spotlight on
your negative thinking.

Let’s put a spot light on our own negative thinking.

Our mind is our sacred space. We can close the windows and darken our space, or we can open the windows and let light in. Light or dark? Bitter or better? It’s our choice.

The sun is always shining on some part of our life – but we may not be paying attention.

What do you typically think about? How far you’ve come, or how far you have to go? Your strengths, or your weaknesses? The best that could happen, or the worst that might come to be?


Pay attention to your self-talk and your inner narratives. Because maybe, just maybe, the only thing that needs to shift in order for you to experience more happiness, more love, more joy, and/or more success, is your way of thinking.


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Give the gift of a peaceful mind.


Until next time,

With love,


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