Episode 8 – From Abuse & Addiction to the Science of Self-Realisation with Swami Shivananda

Here’s a podcast interview that offers hope to all. Featuring my good friend, mentor, spiritual teacher, psychic and meditation instructor Swami Shivananda, affectionately known as Shivaji.

In this episode we examine how to rise above your circumstances – especially when in his case ‘my sense of self was lower than a snake’s belly’ – raised by a 15yo mother, bikie father, constant bullying throughout schooling years, and drug addiction to numb himself, whilst nurturing huge sensitivity and insecurity about his sense of self and sexuality.

Swami Shivananda shares his story to show us that no matter what happens in life, we all have strength and light inside of us. He reminds us to wake up with gratitude every day We talk of many life themes including abuse, abandonment, resilience, leadership, fearlessness, drive, integrity and purpose.

Devoted now to the science of self-realisation, learn from a man who quips ‘love, compassion and Catholics can be okay.’ Swami Shivananda shines his light so brightly to light up the path for many others around the globe to reconnect with and discover the most powerful balancing tool for living life in a wholesome, balanced and authentically happy way.

Tune in, open your mind and heart, and be inspired.


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  • Kevin says:

    I went to Brisbane and did a face to face reading with Michael 10 years. He is a wonderful person and provide me lots of advises for my life ! He did heal my spirite ! Thank you