Episode 16 – Triumph over Trauma & Stage 4 Cancer with Martin Gillespie

Meet a man who ditched the corporate blazer to become a trailblazer for men’s wellness and growth. After a successful global career spanning decades as a strategic leader, Martin Gillespie suddenly found himself face to face at death’s door. 

Not only had he faced his fair share of mental challenges and traumas with the sudden loss of several family members, and his own marriage flailing, Martin’s world was turned upside down when after months of feeling constantly fatigued, unable to rest, and ‘knowing’ something wasn’t quite right, he was finally diagnosed with stage 4 cancer non-Hodgkinson lymphoma. 

Drinking too much and travelling at length for work, in this episode we examine how he managed to overcome his patterns, loneliness, shame and fear to break the stigma of seeking help and getting well.   

Martin is now a Holistic Coach and convenes the Men’s Circles in Sydney, where he shares from personal experience and offers rich and intimate depth of connection into their gatherings.  

Learn from a brave man who has learned to take personal responsibility for his health, self-care and wellbeing, to ultimately discover his ultimate passion and purpose in life. 

Tune in, open your mind and heart, and be inspired.  





For information about his impending new book, email Martin directly on: Martinegillespie70@gmail.com 

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/gillespiemartin/ 

IG: @mgillespie70 https://www.instagram.com/mgillespie70/

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  • Ann-Marie says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Martin. I can certainly relate to your tips on self care. There are times in life, when you are simply forced to put yourself first. It can be scary. When times are tough I have found doing the things that I love, such as being outside with nature, has really helped.