No better present than your presence

Here’s a reminder that by just being present, you make each moment and each day more meaningful and special.

Regardless of what this time of year means for you spiritually, emotionally or physically, it is a good time to take pause and think about what, and who, matters most to you (including yourself). 

We all get busy in our daily lives. Even more so when trying to get many things done over the festive season. I hope you will make time to stop and truly connect with those you love and care about. The most valuable currency in our relationships is our quality time, attention and genuine care and concern – words just don’t cut it.

Take time to consider those you know and care about who may be doing it tough or spending this time alone – reach out, even if only with a phone call, or better still, drop by for a cuppa or to visit. You could be very surprised to know just how much your presence means to them, especially at this time.

Hoping this period is filled with blessings of all that matters to you.

With love, 



Give the gift of a peaceful mind.



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