Feeling Stuck? Time To Get Moving!

Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.”? – John Wayne

Paralyzed By Fear

When our courage deserts us we freeze and can tense up for ‘fight or flight’. We stop breathing properly, and as oxygen gets redirected to other parts of our body and away from our brain, we think less clearly.

We Feel Stuck

One definition of ‘stuck’ is only seeing one way forward … and not liking what you see. But the body can sometimes outwit the brain. The etymology of “courage” is the Latin word ‘cor’ meaning heart. It’s metaphorical and it’s also literal.

So Stop Thinking

Hit the pause button on your brain and use your body to get you moving through your fear.

Being in motion changes things.

Putting It Into Practice

There are two ways to get into action.


The first is simply to get moving.  Literally standing up and walking around can help throw new light on the challenge at hand and create a different perspective. It gets you breathing deeply, it gets you away from the place of ‘stuck-ness’, and it shifts things.

The Next Action

Next, you need to decide what the next step will be. Productivity guru David Allen talks about how you can’t ‘do’ a project, you can only ‘do’ the next?action.

If we’re frozen because we’re overwhelmed by all that we could or should be doing, break things down until you’re deciding how to take one single step forward, the next step, a small action that will move you in the right direction…forward.

It takes just one step to get moving. Break the ice and you’re free.

Moving with you, Josie

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